If you are here, you are probably curious about what is artvigil, modafinil or any other brand name that is its equivalent. Exhaustive information on this chemical, its effects on the human body and brain, rules for ingestion and reservations can be found below. Also, find out here if you can buy it over the counter or from a trusted Internet based distributor.

What Is Artvigil?

First of all, artvigil is one of many brand names with the key substance Modafinil. It is applied to situations in which people have trouble staying awake. It basically helps us stay awake without too much load on the nervous system.


This refers to:

  • disrupted sleep-wake cycles, in particular due to straining shift-based work
  • sleepiness and related disorders such as narcolepsy and apnea-related problems
  • may be applied where depression or other neurological difficulties have undermined the wakeful state

This remedy is used by some to boost cognitive functioning, and not to treat a condition. This could be explained by the fact that a mild artvigil dosage is capable of increasing productivity on a daily basis, and is, therefore, ingested as a non-aggressive stimulant. However, is has really not been proven yet that it creates real benefits in that direction, and it is not known if risks overweigh benefits.

The quantity to be ingested per day varies according to everyone’s needs and is between 100, 150 or 200 milligrams at a time. The ingestions required is once daily, or as decided by the person who treats you. The pills ought to be ingested with a large quantity of water.

As any stimulation remedy, it can have adverse consequences for the nerves manifested as headaches, anxiousness, and sometimes hallucinatory experiences. It can be a trigger for allergies and should be very carefully ingested by those who have heart-related conditions. Some less frequent occurrences are dryness in the mouth, feeling dizzy and nauseated.

How to get a recipe on Artvigil

The substance is officially classified as a prescription remedy. Therefore, if one is experiencing the difficulties mentioned before, they need to see a neurologist of a general practitioner who will further redirect them to the necessary specialist. This way, it is only achievable if your underlying health issue requires this remedy. If one is only looking to use it for purposes of cognitive stimulation, you may need to refer to generic modalities of this chemical, as they can oftentimes be purchased on free terms.


Another variant is going for a prescription of an online doctor. Some pharma seller online have their own internal team of practitioners who will consult you online on, say, the functionality of waklert vs artvigil, which are both high-functioning vigilance remedies. They will be the ones prescribing the necessary quantity to you and authorizing refills within allowed limits in the US. This practice is quite common for trademark remedies as well as more affordable ones.

Is Buying or Owning Artvigil Legal

Yes, the ownership of this chemical is allowed if prescribed by a professional. It belongs to the list of drugs controlled by the state, that’s why it’s only allowed to possess a certain amount of it. That essentially means that it is a prescription substance only and its refills are limited to five every half a year. It is expected to initiate mild dependency, like all modafinil based brands.

This is related to the fact that this remedy is capable of making one moderately dependent. It is also a recognized doping substance which is prohibited in all sports competitions due to its stimulating action on neural cells. Because it can boost your memory and aid with focusing, it is a desirable drug in high demand.

Importing Modafinil from Abroad

Some pharmacies bring the drug to the US from other countries which allow free production of generic versions. For example, India is a top producer of generic Generic remedies have the same core substance as brand remedies that have been developed, tested and marketed by pharma giants. Therefore, the effectiveness of generic drugs does not vary amongst each other, for instance, artvigil vs waklert would give the same effect, given that the quantity is the same.

For this reason, this kind of chemicals are both made domestically and imported. Only Provigil has been created by a pharmaceutical company, and other trademarks like alertec or modavigil, are made with an original license. Most other versions are copies that simply do not cost that much.

How to make Artvigil more effective?

It has been demonstrated that forcing a higher amount of the drug per day does not really change anything. Sticking to the prescribed amount is what makes it work. Attempting to change the dosage from time to time leads to fluctuation and may actually lower the potential of the drug.

Mixing the remedy with other stimulating substances like coffee, and especially amphetamine-like boosters can cause serious adverse consequences, a heart attack, to name one of the few. The principal idea here is that the remedy is effective on its own, and nothing else is required.

How to Identify a Good Artvigil Seller

A reliable distributor can be recognized by having all the appropriate licenses for selling different categories of remedies. The generic options are imported legally to the USA and can, therefore, be sold legally, too. One should pay attention to the fact that brand names like Provigil will always be more costly than those which were not produced and tested officially. The same can be said about artvigil vs modalert, which will differ in pricing.

Therefore, always check the pricing and compare it between online-sellers to avoid scams. Apart from this, it’s recommendable to get acquainted with reviews of generic drugs and find the most suitable one. In genetics, the key chemical is the same, but secondary ingredients may vary greatly.

What’s the Dose for Artvigil?

The quantity of the drug is a direct consequence of what it is applied for, and how much effect you really need. The highest possible quantity to ingest in 12hrs would be 200 milligrams. There is not going to be any noticeable difference if you try to take more, only the adverse effects may be pumped up.

dose Artvigil

For wakefulness-boosting, always start with what your doctor said. It may begin with as little as 50 milligrams (half a pill of 100mg) what is in contrast to the modafinil dosage and then, after observing the result, it may be gradually heightened. Avoid at any circumstance fluctuating the amounts you take by taking a 50 one day and a 200 another day.

Side effects of Artvigil

Since it is a chemical that limits its action to the nervous system, you can be sure the adverse conequences will be limited to the ones described above. There are further reservations for some diseases which you already possess prior to the drug’s ingestion. For instance, kidney- and liver-related difficulties may not allow one to ingest the full dose.

Moreover, it does evoke moderate dependence and it is never recommended to ingest it unless there is a valid call from your neurologist or psychiatrist. If in doubt whether to try the remedy or not, do not think twice about contacting a doctor.

Why you should buy Artvigil

If your health state or an official diagnosis implies the use of this remedy, do not think twice about buying it. The substance has been clinically tested as has guaranteed benefits for certain medical conditions. As it can be clearly concluded from this artvigil review, the remedy can be beneficial in various situations without overstimulation or immediate dependence. The generics are easy to acquire on the web, and they are officially sold in the US as the analogs to the brand names.