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The cognitive enhancers become more and more popular every year in the industrially developed countries. We have got used to caffeine and nicotine that we do not even notice their therapeutic properties, even though scientists consider caffeine as one of the strongest stimulants of the nervous system. But now there are dozens other products that can be used to increase the cognitive functions. And many people have probably heard about Modafinil drug.

Any person who is looking for information about stimulants of the cognitive functions will come across the page about Modafinil. The interest in this product grows every year, and it is not a surprise. It has entered the market in 1998 as a drug for narcolepsy, but it has become the best cognitive enhancer in the world within several years. So, we have tried to see why Modafinil is worth your attention, where to buy Modafinil, and how much the online purchase will be.

Product NameGeneric Provigil (Modafinil)
Tablet Strength100mg, 200mg
Best Price$0.67 per pill
PaymentVisa, MasterCard, PayPal, BTC
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What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is classified as nootropics, a drug which enhances the specific functions of the brain. Its task consists in the increase of the resistance of the brain tissues to the increased load and an improvement of the cognitive functions: memory, mental processing, coordination, and ability to learn. The drug enhances the efficacy and a speed of the working process, and this way it helps to achieve the best results in work and studying within a short period of time.

People who have taken Modafinil state that the tablets give them a burst of energy, even if they did not have a good sleep within a long period. Doing certain tasks, when the maximal load comes to the brain and the nervous system, the users did not experience fatigue.

How is effect achieved?

According to the doctors, the effect of Modafinil is conditioned by the combination of its molecules with the neurotransmitters of dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for many behavioral, emotional, and cognitive functions. It has been proved that people with emotional and behavioral disorders such as ADHD, social phobia, and depression have a lower dopamine level. Due to this, they are not able to concentrate, activate additional cognitive functions and do the needed tasks more productively. Modafinil activates the additional molecules of dopamine and enhances the resistance of the nervous system and brain to the loads.

It is interesting to note that nootropics have not been accepted by the medical society for a long period because they consider the drugs in this group as common additives. Modafinil has avoided this opinion because it describes itself as a medication for drowsiness. So, this product has passed many clinical studies than any other nootropic agent. Despite of this, the final conclusion about Modafinil has not been made, and the scientists study the phenomenon of its broad therapeutic possibilities.

As the drug has not been studied fully, FDA and EMEA classify Modafinil as a scheduled drug which is released by doctor’s prescription only. But now a weird situation appears. On the one hand, Modafinil is allowed for the prescribed sale to treat narcolepsy and ADHD. On the other hand, the main target audience of this product is people without any disorders who just want to improve the work of the brain and achieve certain success in the set tasks.

It means that it is impossible to get a prescription for these purposes, and Modafinil is not for sale without prescription. Even if you go to a private physician in the USA and pay for the visit $150, the doctor will not give you a prescription for purposes you want. That is why, it is difficult to buy Modafinil in the USA, buy modafinil Canada, and countries of the EU, and thousand people look for sites every day where to order Modafinil on the internet.

«Buying Modafinil online a prescription is not needed»

As some laws in the countries strictly prohibit a sale of Modafinil without prescription, cunning vendors have solved this problem. A sale of Modafinil online is done in the regions where the government has a softer attitude to the nootropics. As a rule, the supplies are done from India, where large pharmacy warehouses of the manufacturers of Modafinil are placed (Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma companies).  

The shipping goes to all countries, and a customer does not risk ordering medications on the internet. The matter is that the government sets the type of the medication sale inside the country where these laws act. It means that a citizen of the USA may buy medications inside the country according to the internal laws and Modafinil is for sale by prescription only.   

But if the citizen of the USA wants to buy the drug, for example, in India, a part of the American laws will not act to this type of the trading relations, and therefore a customer will not be punished for the absence of the prescription. However, the custom audit is different in every country. It often happens that people say on the popular forums that the package with Modafinil has not arrived, or has been delayed on the custom house.

Indeed, the Border Police may check the packages. If Modafinil is detected in the package (or one of its derivatives), the experts of the Border Police will check a prescription. “Buying prescription drugs, a customer should provide the scanned copy of the prescription to a supplier. It will be attached to the package, so that the custom house allows the medication”.

If a prescription is absent, a buyer may receive a request, and he/she should confirm the presence of the prescription. It is necessary to contact the custom house or send them a copy of the prescription by e-mail. This practice is used in the USA and Canada. This procedure may differ in the UK, buy modafinil Australia, and countries of the EU, or buy modafinil in Ireland and therefore before buying any medication, it is necessary to know the legitimacy of nootropics and Modafinil in your own country. If you received a request from the custom house, do not worry. It is a standard procedure, and if you do not have a prescription, they will just confiscate the package.

Side Effects

You need to get the fundamental clinical consideration in the event that you have such hypersensitive responses to the medication as substantial breathing; growing on the face, lips, tongue or throat. The fix can cause genuine skin responses and afterward you need to direly see a specialist. You should quit utilizing the medication in the event that you have such regrettable indications as skin rash, skin shedding, rankles. Try not to take the medication for ulcers on the neck, or while having issues with gulping. The medication can cause fever, windedness; it adds to the presence of expanding in the legs. Pee has a dull shading and jaundice shows up. Look cautiously in the event that you don’t have a tumor all over, eyes, and throat. The medication can’t be taken if an individual has a downturn, pipedreams, and contemplations of self destruction, gets forceful and respond to things uniquely in contrast to normal. The pills cause torment in the chest, the heart begins to pulsate unevenly. When you have a skin rash, you should quit taking the pills right away. Other adverse consequences incorporate a migraine, back torment, sadness, sickness, restless, issues with relaxing.

What are the consequences if I buy Modafinil without prescription

A purchase of Modafinil without prescription does not bring any consequences for a buyer. All you need to do during the received request is to contact representatives of the internet shop and give information that the package has been delayed on the custom house. Large suppliers of Modafinil return money in 100% of cases of the delayed package on the custom house, or they can send the package again free of charge.

The most important is that you should not buy a lot of batches of tablets for sale. In this case, the customs service will be interested in a purpose of this purchase. If you buy Modafinil for your own administration, do not worry.

FDA has adopted a law that allows Modafinil for the sale within the territory of the USA to treat narcolepsy, ADHD and some other disorders. But the agency has added this medication to strong psychostimulants, and so it is for sale by prescription only.

According to the official news release of the FDA, Modafinil gets the status (C-IV), and it means as follows: 

  • It is under control of the federal services;
  • It has a minimal risk of the abuse;
  • It is safer than psychostimulants in the III category and lower than Adderall, Ritalin, and others;
  • It may lead to the development of the addiction, if the precautions are not followed.  

The legal status acts in all states of the USA and is obligatory during the sale in the city pharmacies. This FDA resolution prevents the actions when users buy Modafinil without prescription in the city pharmacies.

Why is Modafinil supplied from India?

Large manufacturers of Modafinil have concentrated the production within the territory of India. The modern equipment, developed science and technology infrastructure, leading world specialists in the field of pharmacology make India the essential player on the pharmaceutical market. Many large pharmaceutical corporations open the representative offices in India and produce the part of their medications. 

But one of the main advantages of the Modafinil production in India is a soft government as to the nootropics and psychostimulants Buy modafinil UK. The sale of Modafinil without prescription is allowed in this country, and the shipping of the packages to the USA may be by several times cheaper than the supply from the USA to Canada.

Due to the organized logistics and well-developed relations between these countries, the shipping of Modafinil in the USA may take 5 to 21 days. A buyer may decide what shipping to choose: express delivery or the standard airmail service.

As you know, that Modafinil from India is by 3-4 times cheaper than brand name Provigil that is produced in the USA. A cost of the development of Modafinil in India is by several times lower, and the expenses on the marketing are minimal, and so buying the drug on the internet, a cost of every pill is by 3-4 times lower.

What is the price of Modafinil in the internet shop?

Pay attention that Modafinil is a name of the active ingredient but it may be for sale under different names on the pharmaceutical market. The original brand name Provigil is produced by the pharmaceutical company Cephalon, and it may be expensive. For instance, a cost of a pill is from $30 to $60 in large pharmacies in the USA and if you would buy modafinil in Singapore

Some patients have a possibility to compensate a cost of the tablets but it is necessary to meet some requirements:

  • A full medical insurance;
  • A doctor’s prescription;
  • Diagnosis that needs the use of Modafinil in the amount indicated by a doctor.

We often do not meet all these requirements. We either do not have a full medical insurance, or a proper diagnosis. So, if you are going to buy Modafinil, other options should be considered.

As we have said, there are large pharmaceutical companies that produce Modafinil in India and are supplied under other trade names: Modvigil, Modalert. These are unpatented versions of Modafinil that are produced by the original chemical composition and are completely identical to Provigil drug.

Attention! Trust only safe suppliers who sell production from Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB Pharmaceuticals under the trade name Modvigil, and Modalert

A difference of the cost between brand Provigil and Modvigil is huge.

  Cephalon Sun Pharmaceuticals HAB Pharmaceuticals
Trade name Provigil 200mg Modalert 200mgModvigil 200mg
Cost per pill $57$1.7 $1.3

*The average value of the cost of a pill of Modafinil 200 mg in the USA is provided.

Where to find the reliable seller?

As it is possible to find any information about the sellers of Modafinil on the internet, do not trust everyone. There are two essential risks during the order of the tablets on the internet:

  • Safety of the personal data;
  • Quality of the production.

How to protect the personal data?

When you buy on the internet, you enter the data of your credit card. The scammers may use it by creating fake profiles providing fake information. These sites do not sell Modafinil and just collect the data of cards, and then they can steal your money.

Also, these people may use your name, e-mail address, and others for fraudful purposes. But it is rather easy to detect the dishonest sites:

  • Before buying anything, make sure that the site has the customer support and contact them with any question. If nobody answers your call or email, this site is most likely a scammer, where there are no sales and customer support.
  • Pay attention to the contracts of the company supplier. If the site does not have any information, it is a good sign that this site is fake.
  • There is weird or very good information on the site that is doubtful. Keep your eyes open! In order to attract the customers, the frauds may cut the real cost by ten times and tell that their site has a new product without any analogues of it. They will impact your consciousness, so that you will have a desire to buy this product.

If you did not find these signs on the site and even got the reply from the customer support, do not let the guards down.

How to check the quality of Modafinil online?

The second and the most complicated problem the customers of Modafinil online can face is a poor quality of the product. You cannot know where this product is from, and whether it is produced on the official factory.

So, before buying the product, ask a representative of the site if they have:

  • License to sell;
  • International quality certificates;
  • Data about the manufacturer.

Do not trust the manufacturers of the shop by 100%. The best way to make sure in their words is to visit large internet resources with the users who have bought Modafinil. These are Reddit, Nootropicsexpert, and specialized forums where you can read information of people taking Modafinil.

If you have not found information about your site on these sites, put a question if anyone placed an order, and this will help you to have any idea about the site.

Why is there widespread concern about Modafinil?

We observe within the past years that a demand for nootropics and stimulants grows. People want to have a legal doping that will give them a possibility to meet the life pace in the metropolis. Many stimulants have appeared within the past 45 years, but all of them are not popular.

Modafinil enhances its positions within the past 10 years and has more chances to become the top 1 cognitive enhancer. But why is Modafinil distinguished among dozens other products?

«The smartest drug ever»

Many believe that Modafinil is a drug of abuse. It has therapeutic properties that are similar to the properties of amphetamines, and it is true. But it is not an abuse drug. If amphetamines act by means of the increase of the thought processing, Modafinil increases a quality of the mental processing. This is the notion of all smart drugs online. So, a human who is taking Modafinil may think better and remember new information better. The most important is that this information will be kept for life and will not disappear after the end of the tablet action.

Take the tablet – get the effect

Some stimulants and nootropics work slowly, and it is necessary to take the pills for at least 4-5 days to feel the effect. Modafinil works differently: take the tablet – get the effect. The action begins at once, the same day you take the pill. You will see at once whether this product works for you or not.


The scientists have not finished the studies of Modafinil, but all experts state that it is the safest enhancer in the world. Its specific action on the body is not lacking in the side effects but they pass quickly.

Insomnia, dizziness, thirst is typical symptoms during the action on the nervous system. These effects will be during the use of a high dose of caffeine or natural stimulants. If the body works at a high performance, it will compensate this action somehow.


The boom around Modafinil grows every year, and it is conditioned by the natural desire of people to become better. It is able for the sale by prescription in many countries but there are many methods to get Modafinil without prescription and legally.

Here are some recommendations, if you want to try Modafinil:

  • Choose one good and reliable supplier among the great list and buy the drug there. This way, you will be confident in every package and in every tablet.
  • Do not be afraid to make purchases online. It is safe and cost-efficient. The time has passed when 90% of the sellers were scammers.
  • Save your money. A lot of shops now offer a payment of Modafinil online by means of Bitcoin. They give a discount from 10% to 20% for this. Do not be afraid to use new currencies. Moreover, this way you will keep your personal data.
  • If you have any problems during the purchase or while waiting for the shipping, contact the representatives of the shop at once. They will help to solve all questions and issues even with the custom house.


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