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Where to Buy Modafinil in UK?

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The most effective and popular cognitive enhancer Modafinil is for sale in the UK, and one can buy it without leaving the house and without having a prescription. So, if you feel that your brain needs the energy, and you are tired to fight the sleepiness and fatigue, welcome to the club of Modafinil fans. You can today place an order for Modafinil in UK, and how to do it without a prescription, we are going to tell you in this article.

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Learn about Modafinil

Scientists in the Oxford University have conducted a research of all studies within the past 25 years that belong to Modafinil and analgesic group in general. As a result of this research, the scientists have come to the point that Modafinil significantly improves a concentration, an ability to the focused activity and aptitude for learning. In other words, a human easier solves the complicated tasks and does it faster under the action of Modafinil.

Modafinil is one of the most popular medications among “smart drugs”. It is actively used by students, scientists, and other people who want to get the maximum out of their mental abilities. Modafinil has been developed specially for these cases in order to get the additional energy without caffeine and dangerous psychostimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin.

But the biggest advantage of Modafinil before all psychostimulants is an absence of a medical addiction. It gives patients a possibility to take the drug within a long period, without harming the health. Any of modern psychostimulants has the potential to induce an addiction in 1-2 months of the regular application.

To better understand how Modafinil can help you, let’s consider its effects.

Modafinil Effects

Modafinil is a drug in the class of analeptics. It is not a classical psychostimulant and has been developed in order to stimulate breathing and blood circulation in the brain in people with narcolepsy. The active ingredients are involved in the brain tissues, and therefore Modafinil penetrates into the brain after reaching the systemic blood flow and acts within 12-14 hours.

It is worth noting that the therapeutic possibilities of this drug are not fully studied. Maybe, there will be some discoveries that will open the potential of the useful effects of Modafinil. But now, let’s consider facts that are already known.

Modafinil and increase of dopamine and noradrenaline

A similar action is manifested during the use of cocaine and amphetamine. A human has a crazy drive, high concentration, a tunnel vision and thinking is improved in the short-run. In other words, this person is not distracted from the tasks.

But we should now make a correction. Cocaine and amphetamine work through the lens of a ‘speed’, and Modafinil works through the lens of a ‘quality’. It means that the processes are similar but the result will be different. Taking Modafinil, there is no crazy drive and the effect of euphoria. There are just positive qualities that are aimed at the improvement of the quality values of the cognitive functions of the brain.

Modafinil and increase of histamine level

Histamine is a very specific mediator produced by the body. It plays an important role in many vital functions and a pathogenesis of various disease states. Many people probably know that histamine induces an allergic reaction. But the most important is that histamine takes part in the agitation process of the central nervous system. Now, using Modafinil enhances the histamine production. Due to this, a human becomes less sensitive, attentive, and a sleepiness disappears.

If you took antihistamine products, you know that a sedative effect occurs after their use. And Modafinil on the contrary stimulates the central nervous system, so that the sleepiness disappears, and a desire to do any things appears.

Scientists have found out that vulnerable people often have an allergic reaction as a result of the increased histamine. It is the most frequent side effect during the use of Modafinil, on equal terms with a headache.

Modafinil and blocking of GABA synthesis

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is the most important inhibition mediator of the central nervous system. We all know that if a production of this ingredient is blocked, a human becomes agitated, sensitive to processes around him/her, and may stay active and fresh.

As we have figured out what effects Modafinil induces, let’s talk about how you can get it in the UK.

In order to better know the legal status of nootropic agents and Modafinil in the UK, it is enough to cite a BBC article published in 2014 at the dawn of the active commerce with stimulators:

The British laws prohibit a sale of Modafinil without prescription, however a purchase of it is not punished by the law. There are many sites on the internet including ones registered in India where the drug could be ordered.

Modafinil in the UK is a medication that is for sale by prescription only. Its sales are controlled by the law and a doctor may prescribe the drug during serious disorders: ADHD, or narcolepsy. You cannot go to a doctor and ask for Modafinil in order to faster learn foreign language, or prepare for the exams. It is a nonsense.

But we all know that about 80% of sales of Modafinil are used for other agendas. It is especially seen in large cities where there are a lot of students and office employees. You will be tired constantly and lag behind the colleagues and peers without the energy for the brain.

Getting back on topic of the legal status of Modafinil in the UK, it is necessary to note that the law works only in one side and regulates the activity of the sellers only. The government and non-government organizations actively follow vendors of Modafinil to sell the drug by prescription only. If the fact that the tablets are for sale without a prescription is detected, it may lead to heavy fine and even an annulment of the seller license. So, do not count to buy Modafinil in the UK for other agendas at the official vendors.

However, the laws confirmed by the government do not say a word about buyers. It means that a purchase of Modafinil in the UK without prescription is absolutely legal. Of course, the government constantly says about the consequences of the stimulants administration but they cannot prohibit you to buy Modafinil over the sea or in the online shop.

Modafinil will be prohibited only when it will be added to the list of Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. It is not there yet, and so you can buy and take Modafinil, as needed.

Sales outlets of Modafinil in UK

As you already know, it is pointless to turn to the legal vendors of Modafinil in the UK. They will not consider your request without prescription, and you will just lose your time. So, if you are looking for a supplier of Modafinil on the internet, choose the foreign shops.

There are many countries where the sales of Modafinil are allowed and the law do not restrict its purchase. As a rule, it is India, where large pharmaceutical corporations are placed and produce Modafinil: Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma.

Today there are rather many shops that supply Modafinil in the UK and do not ask for a prescription. However, not all of them are safe. So, follow our recommendations and analyze the resources that supply Modafinil in the UK. It is better to turn to the popular platforms such as Reddit, Nootropicsexpert, and others, where the experienced consumers can give you a recommendation about the shop choice.

Many consumers buy into a low cost offered in the internet shops. But it may be deceptive. Do not buy into “pretty” offers, it may probably be fake and you will not receive your package.

In the table below you will see the approximate prices of Modafinil in the UK that are offered by the reliable vendors. And you can compare these prices to the offers of our supplier:

Drug brand name Cost per one pill
Modalert 200 mg£ 0.60- £ 0.75
Modvigil 200 mg£ 0.60- £ 0.67
Provigil 200 mg£ 2.90- £ 3.40
Artvigil 150 mg£ 0.65- £ 0.85
Р-Modawake£ 0.65- £ 0.75

If you have found a reliable seller and made an order of Modafinil, you just should wait for a package in the UK. But there is some fine point you should know.

What will happen to the Modafinil package at the UK customs?

When you order Modafinil, you should provide a seller with a prescription that will be added to the package for the employees of the customs. If your package was opened, and the prescription was there, the customs will not delay the package and send it to the indicated address.

In our case, a prescription should not be in the package. So, the employees of the customs will send a request to your address, and you will have to provide a copy of the prescription to the address of the customs service.

If they do not receive your prescription within 1-2 weeks, the package will be confiscated. But do not worry. The large suppliers of Modafinil know the peculiarities of the laws in different countries and are flexible with customers. If the package was delayed at the customs, or confiscated, you should contact a customer support. You will be sent a package free of charge, or refund.

We have done a research on the internet and asked customers whether their package was blocked at the customs. It turns out that the packages are opened in 2 cases out of 100, and only if these packages were suspicious. But in most cases the package with Modafinil has arrived in time, without any delays.

And if your package was delayed, do not be upset. You are in the clear, and you will not have problems with the police because you have the right to buy Modafinil without prescription.


The UK tries to block the illegal sale of Modafinil just like many other countries. The low-quality tablets really harm. Just bear this in mind! But the laws do not prohibit you to buy Modafinil on the internet at the suppliers that are registered outside the UK.

If you are going to buy Modafinil on the internet, make sure that you have chosen a safe seller in order to avoid the loss of the personal data and money.

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