modafinil and caffeine

Lovers of Modafinil try to enhance the effect of pills and add more cups of coffee to their everyday menu. As a matter of fact, coffee is a natural stimulator from ancient times. It is a fuel for people and gives the energy and power. When it comes to the increase of the Modafinil effect, people think about caffeine.

Is it safe to mix caffeine with Modafinil? What will happen, if you overdo with the boosters? Are there confirmed results of the interaction of Modafinil and caffeine? Let’s consider this subject and make a conclusion.

If you read this article, you probably know what Modafinil is. It is a “king of nootropic agents” that has been developed to treat the sleep disorders. The drug is a chemical compound that:

  • Activates a production of neurotransmitters;
  • Blocks drowsiness;
  • Activates the cognitive center.

The most intensive effect of Modafinil is an increase of the concentration and a memory improvement. It activates the brain parts responsible for the motivation, a working efficiency, and a concentration. You will hardly feel the intensive stimulating effect, like for example Adderall. Your mind will be clear, and you will have a fresh eye at the difficult tasks. The central nervous system will not experience the hyper-stimulation. People go for these sensations and combine Modafinil with caffeine.

Caffeine enhances the attention and motivation by means of the stimulation of some sections of the central nervous system. Do not count that you may focus on doing any task after the loading dose of caffeine. Your brain will work faster and more energetically. You will be confident and communicative. You will feel how the energy flows on your blood.

You will probably think that a combination of caffeine + Modafinil will give you the odds. You may have more motivation for work. But this combination may be both an effective cognitive combo, and a serious impact with the central nervous system.

A hyper-stimulation of the central nervous system is the main side effect that breaks all your plans. But we are going to talk about it later.

The same effect but a different mechanism of the action

It is good to mix Modafinil and caffeine because they have a similar therapeutic effect. You will not get the same level of the wakefulness during the use of Modafinil or caffeine only. Indeed, you will have the energy longer.


  • The action of Modafinil lasts for about 10-12 hours;
  • A combination of Modafinil + caffeine works for about 20 hours;

They say that it is not recommended to mix Modafinil with Adderal. So, to achieve a similar effect, caffeine may be taken.

Modafinil and caffeine, also like modafinil and alcohol are roughly the same but they have a different action. It should be taken into account when you plan to take these ingredients together.

How does Modafinil act?

To avoid complicated biochemical processes in the body, we will try to tell you how Modafinil acts by means of the short thesis statements:

  1. A human body is a flexible biological mechanism with its rhythm and time.
  2. An individual balance of hormones, neurotransmitters, nervous cells regulate the biological mechanism.
  3. Depending on the time of day, a task, a motivation and other factors, the body produces certain ingredients. They make us feel vivacity or drowsiness.
  4. Modafinil penetrates into the natural biological mechanism and makes allowances.
  5. The drug enhances the level of dopamine, histamine, and orexin for keeping awake and inhibits the production of the sleep hormones.

When the action of Modafinil ends, the biological clocks are restored. All biochemical processes become normal, and the level of dopamine, orexin and histamine go back to normal.

How does caffeine act?

Let’s consider the action of caffeine:

  1. Caffeine does not influence on the cells of the brain making them working better.
  2. It blocks the action of neurotransmitter adenosine that is accumulated in the body within a day, in response to the physical and mental activity.
  3. Adenosine is the main hormone responsible for the onset of fatigue and launches the processes of the recovery of the energetic supply.
  4. Blocking a production of adenosine, caffeine supports the high level of the wakefulness.
  5. Caffeine stimulates the adrenaline receptors. Therefore you may feel a light agitation and excitement after the dose of caffeine.


Caffeine as well as Modafinil influences on the balance of the hormones and neurotransmitters. But the difference is that caffeine aggressively blocks the production of certain hormones, and it may affect the cycle of the sleep. Modafinil has a softer action because it does not block a production of the hormones, and just changes their balance in the body. It enhances the amount of certain ingredients in the brain for some period of time.

What happens during the combination of Modafinil with caffeine?

If you are ready to experiment and plan to mix Modafinil with caffeine, be ready for the unexpected effects. All people are different, and the effect after the use of these ingredients will differ.

Modafinil with caffeine

Caffeine is never taken with Modafinil, it is ineffective. We will talk about it later. At first, you take Modafinil. It induces a production of dopamine, enhances the level of histamine and orexin. You become slightly excited, motivated, and focus on a task.

You will not be tired and sleepy even in several hours of the routine work. You are ready to work to the full extent. But the monotonous work and a feeling of the complete denial of the external world may suppress you.

To correct this situation, you take a dose of caffeine. It affects the central nervous system and enhances the agitation of neurons. It makes you more energetic. You are not focused on one task, and may shift from one task to another.

But caffeine enhances the load on the central nervous system. Due to this, you may feel agitation and other adverse effects. If you have a high sensitivity to Modafinil, the additional dose of caffeine may be even dangerous.

What adverse effects should I expect?

People who take coffee on a regular basis may lose a sensitivity to caffeine. It may play a cruel joke if you want to take Modafinil + caffeine. You will need a higher dose of caffeine to feel the effect. But your heart will not be happy about that.

People often complain of the increased frequency of the heartbeat during the use of Modafinil and caffeine. This symptom often occurs within 1-2 hours after the use of the dose of caffeine and gradually passes. And the high blood pressure may last for up to 3-4 hours.

The interaction of Modafinil and caffeine may seem not dangerous. They have a different action and influence on various hormones. But the side effects suggest the opposite. For instance, headache appears by 34% more often, if Modafinil is taken with caffeine.

The negative symptoms may include the signs of the hyperexcitability: anxiety, tremor, agitation, irritation, and increased sweating. The hyperexcitability should not appear during the use of Modafinil. It does not affect the central nervous system. But as caffeine stimulates the work of the adrenaline receptors, it enhances the load on the nervous system.

In case of the increased level of dopamine and adrenaline/noradrenaline, the excessive agitation of neurons happens. Add fatigue to it, that is caused by the poor sleep. Now you know why the nervous system reacts to the caffeine + Modafinil.

And there are many examples{1, 2, 3} how people take caffeine on purpose to enhance the action of Modafinil. The results show that sometimes it may be not very successful.

How to take Modafinil with caffeine?

If you regularly take Modafinil and cannot refuse from caffeine, we will give you useful recommendations.

  • First, it is required to achieve the maximal effect.
  • Secondly, it will reduce a chance of the adverse effects.

Rule 1: do not take Modafinil with caffeine at the same time

A purpose of the interaction of Modafinil + caffeine is to enhance a concentration and activity during the lack of energy. Caffeine has a short period of the action. A compensation of the central nervous system agitation happens in one cup of coffee (about 100 mg caffeine).


If you take these ingredients at the same time, you will feel a burst of energy but the effect will disappear in couple of hours. So, take coffee in 3-4 hours after the use of a tablet of Modafinil. You will prolong the activity of neurons and support the high level of hormones even when the action of Modafinil starts gradually dropping.

Rule 2: begin with a minimal dose of Modafinil

When you are taking Modafinil alone, you may use 200 mg – 400 mg a day. It is a normal dose that will give you the maximal growth of the energy and concentration. But when you add another booster, reduce the dose of Modafinil. It is needed to check how the body reacts to the interaction of Modafinil + caffeine.

  1. Take 100 mg Modafinil, and take the first cup of coffee in 3 hours. If the adverse effects are absent, take another cup of coffee in 2-3 hours.
  2. If these experiments do not cause tachycardia, headache, or anxiety, enhance the dose of Modafinil for up to 200 mg a day.
  3. Do not use the maximal dose of Modafinil 400 mg a day. This way, you may ruin the sleeping regimen and exhaust your body. Bear in mind that caffeine has the same effect and will enhance the action of Modafinil.

Is it safe to mix Modafinil with caffeine: conclusion

Mixing Modafinil with caffeine is a popular practice among the lovers of this drug. The users improve their cognitive abilities and feel more energetic. However, there is a risk of the adverse effects, and they cope with them using their own resources.

Doctors do not recommend mixing Modafinil with caffeine but they always go by the precautions. We do not recommend you to experiment. The matter is that the body of every human is different, and it is unknown how you will react.

If you want to try something new, we recommend you to try Armodafinil. It may seem weird but it gives new sensations. It has the formula of Modafinil but the action differs. It will be interesting for you and you will know what you need.

Do not try to achieve euphoria during the combination of Modafinil with caffeine. It is a bad sign. As soon as you start getting high, you will develop an addiction. So, it is very important to select quality Modafinil, without any additives. We will not be a guarantee of many shops. A lot of sellers speculate in prices on the internet and cannot prove the origin of the pills.

Therefore we follow the facts of modafinil we are confident in. For example, we may recommend you just two sites: ModUp and Afinil Express. We know that more than hundreds of purchases of Modafinil happens every day, and these shops do not have bad reviews.