modafinil and sex

Reading through the list of modafinil side effects, you won’t find a word about its impact on sexual arousal and sexual function on the whole. Still, numerous user reviews and case reports claim that there is a certain interconnection between modafinil and sex drive.

The experience of different people is very controversial. For some, the use of modafinil improved their sexual life, while others claim that their libido has gone away because of this drug. Let’s get into detail and find out which of the two camps is right. Or, maybe, both have strong grounds concerning modafinil and sex?

Modafinil and Sex

Modafinil and Sex

The lack of reliable information about the modafinil impact on sexual behavior and desire has brought to life multiple assumptions and thoughts concerning modafinil safety, usefulness, and possible harm.

The users share their positive and negative experience associated with the impact of modafinil on their sexual life.

Women claim that the drug increases the libido and makes them more sensitive to sexual stimulation. Men, on the contrary, say that modafinil kills their libido. Yet there are also individuals whose problems with premature ejaculation were gone due to this popular drug. So where’s the truth in all this? To tell the truth, modafinil works differently for different people. The reaction to the drug is highly individual, so you never know how modafinil will affect your libido and sexual performance until you try it.

Is Modafinil Safe?

The modafinil safety profile is very promising. This drug is well tolerated by the majority of people taking it. The incidence of serious side effects is around 0.66%. The possible side effects induced by the drug are usually mild-to-moderate and reduce as the person gets used to modafinil intake.

Overall, the safety of modafinil in each particular case depends on the person’s modafinil tolerance to the drug, the doses used, the medical health condition of the individual, and the duration of the treatment.

Modafinil safeThe commonly reported adverse reactions to modafinil are the following:

  • Headache;
  • Stomach cramps;
  • Mild diarrhea;
  • Nausea;
  • Dizziness.

The safety of modafinil in terms of sexual health is not clear. A number of case reports claim that high doses of the drug (those exceeding 400 mg a day) may lead to hypersexuality. The problem of modafinil and sex addiction was described in a case report about a 35-year old man suffering from the bipolar affective disorder. He got modafinil addicted and increased his daily dose to 1000 mg daily. The problem he came to the doctors with was the loss of control over his growing sexual desire and physical signs of sexual arousal.

To prevent such problems, modafinil users should stick to 200 mg dose or, if needed, reduce it to 100 mg or 50 mg a day.

How Does Modafinil Affect Your Sex Life?

There’s no scientific evidence as to the effects of modafinil on the sexual life of its users. However, anecdotal evidence claims that the effects on men and women are different. Modafinil and better sex is a story for women. A lot of female users of the drug say that the quality of sensations during sex, as well as their sexual arousal, have significantly improved due to modafinil tolerance.

On the other hand, men say that modafinil reduces their sex drive. Besides, some men need more time to get an erection when on modafinil. At the same time, they can last longer in bed, which is a benefit. This quality of the preparation is highly evaluated by men suffering from premature ejaculation. In some cases, the duration of sexual intercourse increased to 15 minutes, which is very long for men having this kind of intimate health problem.

How Does Modafinil Work?

Modafinil works by increasing the levels of norepinephrine, orexin, and histamine in the human brain. Besides, it inhibits dopamine reuptake thus increasing the levels of this chemical as well.

Histamine and orexin are the two neurotransmitters that are involved in the sleep-wake cycle regulation. The increase in their amounts in the brain helps people stay awake and alert. The effects of norepinephrine and dopamine are manifested via the improvement of the cognitive functions. It allows you to increase the workability and productivity without developing the feeling of tiredness even after long hours of work.

The on-label uses of the drug are associated mainly with its wakefulness-promoting effects, whereas those using it off-label love it for the way it increases their stress-resistance helping to stay focused and motivated.

Effects after Using Modafinil

Modafinil is a strong cognitive enhancer. It helps people taking it to increase their vigilance, concentration, and focus. Besides, due to modafinil, people feel increased motivation and significant memory improvement.

feeling modainilThe other effects of the drug are targeted at keeping you awake and alert. After getting into the human organism, modafinil comes into effect approximately within an hour. The duration of action of the stimulant effects of the drug is about 8 – 10 hours, though, for some people, it can work for up to 14 hours.

Does Modafinil Decrease Sex Desires?

The impact of modafinil on sexual desire varies depending on the dosage of the medication taken. In most cases, the users say that modafinil, if taken in the recommended doses decreases libido in males. On the contrary, even 200 mg of modafinil a day stimulates sex drive in women. The case studies report that a decrease of the dose to modafinil 100 mg and sex drive intensity have an obvious interconnection. The reduction of the dose in women leads to the reduction of their libido.

High doses of modafinil can stimulate sexual desire in men. However, it’s nor recommended to do this as the dose increase can elevate the risks for side effects and provoke hypersexuality.

How to Find an Online Modafinil?

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modafinil online

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Modafinil is not intended for stimulating the sex drive or improving your performance in bed. The task of this drug is to promote wakefulness, vigilance, alertness, improve memory and concentration. And, to tell the truth, modafinil copes with its duties perfectly well. What’s more, this medication is very safe and can be taken by people of different ages and with different health conditions. Of course, it’s not perfect, neither of the drugs is, but it doesn’t change the fact that modafinil-induced side effects occur very rarely and are not dangerous to life.

The effects on sexual desire and performance in bed induced by modafinil are usually insignificant and are experienced only by some of the drug users. When writing this guide to modafinil effects on sexual life, we found no reliable information regarding the negative influence of modafinil on sexual health proven by scientists. In numerous clinical trials, no negative effect of modafinil on libido have been reported. Therefore, if your goal is to be more productive at work or study, use modafinil. But if you aim to improve your sexual life, use other drugs for this purpose.