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Today we are going to talk about a topic – how Modafinil helps in the development of the creative thinking. Every person is individual, and his/her way of thinking makes him/her a unique creature.

A know-how creative thinking helps to solve many tasks. But unfortunately, a creativity may come and go. It depends on not only a task, but also on mood, atmosphere, thinking of a human at the moment.

Scientists still are not able to detect how to control the creative thinking. It is very floating and variable ability of a human, so that it is impossible to know when it will work. There are ingredients that make our brain think different and activate the parts responsible for the creativity. It really works. We all know that many creations of genius have been done under the action of these ingredients. However, not all of them are safe and legal.

Modafinil is a discovery for people who want to improve the creative thinking and enhance the efficacy of the mental processes. Many will say that it is not a surprise because Modafinil is similar to amphetamines. But there are many differences we are going to talk about now.

What is creativity?

It is appropriate to begin our article with a description of “creativity” term. Many know this word but do not know its meaning. We believe that creativity is special imaginative abilities that are launched at certain time and open a way to create something new.


Creativity is an ability to think outside the box. But the outside-the-box thinking has a different creative approach. It is not just a different way of thinking. This is a way to create something new. When a human sees a common thing or a common task in a different way, not like all people do.

So, creativity of every person is different, and facing one and the same task, we solve it differently.

Creative inspiration: how to become creative?

The modern world is a good platform for the development of the creativity. Any profession needs a special thinking. And if you do not work on the creative inspiration, you will be always one jump behind it.

A creativeness takes a special place in a life of every person. It is a natural physiological process that makes us growing and developing. But as the years go by, we lose the ability of a creative thinking.

It is amazing but the studies have found out that children are by 60% more creative than adults. And the younger a child is, the better the creative thinking is developed. It has a simple explanation.

The matter is that children do not have limitations by deep life experience. They have a deeper, and free thinking, are not afraid to express their unpredictable ideas. Children do not know how to behave correctly, and therefore they find the unconventional approaches.

These barriers appear with aging, and if you think how to become creative and have a skill of the creative thinking, it is time to go back to childhood. It would be a perfect solution but it is impossible, unfortunately. Knowing that human brain was born with unlimited creative thinking, we may control it over a lifetime.

A creative idea comes when the emotional and cognitive relaxation is achieved. If you think a lot, the body gradually gets tired. The fatigue is accumulated every hour, and you lose about 80% of the ability to think creatively in a couple of hours.

The human brain is able to give the maximal creativity within 2-5 hours. All depends on the area of the activity and your preparation. That is why designers, marketing experts, and PR specialists work not more than 5 hours a day in many large promo agencies. They spend the rest of the time on the development of the creativity and imaginative talent. But the process of creating something new does not take more than 5 hours. But in emergency cases, Modafinil effectively helps when it is necessary to give the maximal productivity.

Due to Modafinil, you will be able to move to a new level of the creative thinking. It will make you more creative and give you more time on doing tasks. Today it is the only way to change the creative thinking in a day and acquire new skills.

How will Modafinil help me?

Modafinil has been developed for people who suffer from narcolepsy, a state when a person constantly experiences drowsiness. But the drug may be a very effective tool to solve other tasks.

Drowsiness is the first sign that your brain is overladen with information. In this case, you will not be able to be more creative. Therefore Modafinil inhibits the drowsiness and fatigue. It happens by means of the increased production of histamine and orexin.

Modafinil help me

If you are tired, you may work longer and more effectively. You may think that the productivity is the opposite to the creativity. Well, it is true somehow.

But Modafinil creates a balance between the creative thinking and a productivity. You will experience the topical flight even in 6-8 hours. Everyone who has taken Modafinil say that they do not have a low creativity during the long-term work.

It has a simple explanation: Modafinil enhances the production of dopamine.

What role does dopamine play?

Dopamine is one of the main neurotransmitters of the brain. It is a biological predecessor of noradrenaline. It affects the process of the motivation and learning. The activation of the dopaminergic transfer is needed during the processes of shifting of attention from one stage of the cognitive activity to another one. Moreover, the high level of dopamine helps to better concentrate on the tasks and do them more productively.

The scientists have proved that one of the main causes of the ADHD and many personality disorders is a lack of dopamine. If you are taking Modafinil or Vyvanse, the level of dopamine grows. You have a high concentration. Moreover, your brain works more productively because it is motivated to achieve a result.

How does Modafinil can improve the creative thinking?

This question is rather difficult. The matter is that the brain works differently in every person. Someone is more creative, and others have better logic. It is impossible to say how creative Modafinil will make you.

creative thinking

Here are what people who have taken Modafinil say {1,2}. Many say that they notice the increase of the creative potential. But the concentration and motivation grow more. Therefore you are able to focus on a task and slightly forget about the creative thinking.

But there are other comments where people say that they can see things from a different perspective. If they consider objects, textures, thoughts from one side, Modafinil helps them to look at the world from all sides. People start thinking freely. The thinking process becomes tunnel with the help of Modafinil, but it does not bother focusing on a creative work. This is not to say that Modafinil is the best product for the increase of the creativity. But it is the safest among all and is not an abused drug.

We have made sure that it is necessary to learn to control the effect of Modafinil for the significant improvement of the creative thinking. If you take a pill, you will not become creative right away.

  • You should figure out how this ingredient acts.
  • How to adjust the therapeutic effect;
  • How to change a dose to achieve the maximal productivity;
  • When it is better to take Modafinil in order to enhance the creative potential.

When you learn to control the effect, you will understand the possibilities of this drug and abilities of your brain. Modafinil will not help you to open a new creative ability. But if you have any skills and want to take it to the next level, this ingredient will help you. You will better focus on your skills, and it means you will develop your creative potential faster.

When to take Modafinil?

There are two stages when Modafinil plays a great role. You should take the pills either:

  • During Modafinil to do a creative task;
  • During the fatigue and a decreased creative potential.

Do not take Modafinil during the execution of work. It may distract your thoughts. For instance, you may be obsessed with doing a task and a tunnel vision will reduce the creative abilities.

If you work on an article, use Modafinil at the stage of collecting information. Just one pill of Modafinil 200 mg will help you process more information and think how to use it interestingly. You will know how your article will look in order to be interesting for a reader.

If you do not need additional stimulants during the development stage, use Modafinil when you are tired. 200 mg Modafinil will activate your brain within 30 minutes and make it cheer up.

These two stages are very valuable for creative people because a thinking process is very important than a technical one. The most important is what images appear in your head and what is the way of your thinking. And if you are going to do a task, Modafinil will not expand your horizon. It will help to effectively and faster execute the technical part.

How to come over the creativity?

  1. Make friends with creative and imaginative people. Everybody takes the best from people around them. If you have several creative persons among your friends, you will understand their thoughts easily. Then you will think like them in some period, and due to this, your mindset will be changed. If you do not have creative people around you, you will burden by your thoughts, and you will hardly know how to develop the creative thinking.
  2. Do not restrict your mind. We sometimes block thoughts and desires because it contradicts the traditions of the world. We make our mind think the way the society wants. Do not restrict your mind, even if it causes critical judgements. You will learn to eliminate the crazy notions of creative people in some time. We have not restricted ourselves in childhood. Do it the same now.
  3. Consume more information. Any skill is a set of knowledge. The more you know, the easier you will develop the creative potential. You will be able to look at different tasks professionally and activate the logic.