modafinil overdose

Modafinil is a generic version of the brand drug called Provigil. This preparation works by promoting wakefulness and stimulating the increase and improvement in the cognitive functions of patients. Modafinil is associated with memory improvement, increased concentration and alertness, high workability and higher efficiency of work.

Due to such properties of the drug, some people (primarily students and business people) use it as a stimulant. Naturally, they buy modafinil without a doctor’s recommendation and are at a higher risk of overdosing on the drug.

Can you overdose on modafinil? Despite being rather safe in on-label safe dose uses, modafinil can cause an overdose in people who take the drug in high doses.

Modafinil Generic Information

All drugs, including modafinil, can be divided into two big categories – brand drugs and generics. But what’s the difference between these medicines? Let’s find out!


In fact, there are only three differences between the brand and the generic Modafinil:

  • The name. Provigil is the brand name of this drug, whereas Modafinil is generic. Still, there exist about a dozen other modafinil generics on the online pharmaceutical market (e.g. Modvigil, Modalert, Modaheal, etc.).
  • The manufacturer. Provigil is produced by Cephalon (now subsidiary of Teva) – an American pharmaceutical company. Generics are mostly produced in India. For example, the most popular modafinil generics, Modvigil and Modalert, are manufactured by HAB Pharma and Sun Pharma respectively. Both companies are highly reputable and are among the biggest in India and in the world.
  • The package. The package of the brand and generic drugs differ, yet their content is identical. All modafinil generics, the same as the brand drug, contain either modafinil 100 mg or 200 mg in each tablet.
  • The price. Because of the expenses associated with the development and patenting of the brand medication, its price is significantly higher if compared to modafinil generic drugs.

Modafinil generics are highly efficacious, safe, and affordable medicines, which are not inferior to the brand Provigil neither in terms of effectiveness nor in terms of safety.

What Is the Maximum Dose of Modafinil?


A lot of clinical trials were devoted to finding the safe modafinil doses and determining the highest dose of this medication that won’t harm human health. The doctors don’t recommend exceeding 400 mg a day. It can be either taken once daily, in the morning or split into two doses taken in the morning and in the daytime. The efficiency of the latter dosing regimen appears to be higher according to the results of the studies.

What Happens During a Modafinil Overdose?

Modafinil overdose usually shows through an increase in the severity of possible side effects to the drug. The multiple case analysis of the symptoms experienced by the people who have overdosed on modafinil revealed that the most common symptoms of overdose are:

  • Increased heart rate (tachycardia);
  • Insomnia;
  • Anxiety;
  • Dizziness;

The science knows the case when a person under 18 took 5000 mg of modafinil. The overdose symptoms described were severe headache, stomachache, nausea, insomnia, QT interval prolongation. Such symptoms last for about 12 – 15 hours or longer. It depends on the dose taken, the patient’s response to the drug, and his/her medical health condition.

Modafinil Harm Reduction

The only way to make modafinil intake safe is to follow all the recommendations by the doctors and listed on the patient’s leaflet. But in case such options are not for you, we’ve prepared a list of measures that can help you reduce the harm associated with modafinil administration:

  1. Drink enough water. Modafinil is known to cause dehydration, which results in a headache and other unwanted effects.
  2. Don’t skip meals. One of the possible side effects of modafinil is a reduced appetite. People literally forget to eat. Take control over your nutrition and never skip meals even if you don’t feel hungry.
  3. Take the lowest effective dose. Start with 100 mg a day. If you are satisfied with the gained effect, stick to this dosing regimen. There’s no point in increasing the dosage as it will only raise the possibility of developing side effects.

Is It Safe to Take Modafinil Every Day?

The daily intake of modafinil pills is considered safe on condition that you don’t take the doses exceeding the recommended ones and that you sleep well at night. To help fulfill the latter condition, the pill should be taken early in the morning (about 7 – 8 a.m.). This way, the drug will have enough time to clear out of the organism and let you have a sound night rest.

Such measures won’t prevent you from developing side effects. However, following these pieces of advice, you’ll minimize the harmful effect of the medication on your body and get a maximum benefit from this cognitive enhancer.

Can Modafinil Make You Feel Tired?

It’s no news that any stimulant wears your body out. The same is true for modafinil. Because of its wakefulness-promoting effect, it makes our body and brain work over our natural powers. As a result, you can feel tired and even exhausted on the day following your modafinil intake.


This problem is quite often with those who overdose on modafinil. High doses of the drug keep them awake for too long, thus overusing their bodies’ resources.

Why Would Some People Take Larger Doses of Modafinil?

Intended overdose is the thing that is difficult to understand for the majority of people. Still, there exist certain reasons that make people take more modafinil than they actually need. Here are some of them:

  • A desire to try your powers. Describing their modafinil overdose Reddit users often explain it as a desire to try themselves out. By the way, these people usually know about the possible risks perfectly well, yet they still ignore them chasing some unexplainable goal.
  • A desire to get high. Modafinil, if taken in high doses, can induce some euphoric effect. However, the intensiveness of the modafinil high is very mild. Therefore, you are more likely to get some side effects than a high.
  • Lack of information. Ordering modafinil online, many people don’t read the recommendations on the dosing regimen. The result of their ignorance is an overdose. People take two or even three pills at a time claiming that one tablet never works for them even if they use modafinil for the first time.
  • Tolerance. Regular intake of modafinil makes your body get adjusted to its effects. Gradually, you develop tolerance and the dose that used to be effective for you stops working. Your next step is a dose increase. This process repeats until you get to a risky path of overdose. To restore your sensitivity to the medication, stop the intake for at least a week or two. This will help you get back to the safe doses of the drug and preserve its high efficiency.

Where Do People Buy Modafinil?

The easiest way to get modafinil is to order it online. The drug is regulated as prescription-only in many countries. Thus, it’s impossible to buy it without a prescription in a regular pharmacy. Online modafinil stores ship the medication from India where modafinil can be bought over-the-counter.

buy modafinil online
Shopping online

Still, to get quality medication, top-notch customer service, and affordable prices, you need to find a reliable vendor. Modafinil XL is one of the best on the market for online modafinil sales. It offers different modafinil generics at fair prices. If you want the drug to be shipped to Canada, your perfect choice is BuyModa. European customers should give preference to Eufinil.

Dosage and Recommendations

You can avoid modafinil overdose only if you stick to the safe dosing regimen. It is recommended to start with a 100 mg or 200 mg tablet in the morning. The maximum daily dose you can take without a threat to your health is 400 mg. Any doses exceeding 400 mg can result in overdose symptoms.

Anyway, it’s always good to have a guide to overcoming overdose symptoms. In the case of modafinil overdose what to do?

  1. Drink a lot of water. It will help to prevent dehydration and all the symptoms associated with it, like a headache, racing heartbeat, muscular tension, etc.
  2. Try to relax. Yoga, breathing relaxation techniques, and meditation can help.
  3. Call a doctor. If you feel your symptoms are getting worse or are too intense, go to the clinic.


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