snorting modafinil

The snorting of medicines is often associated with snorting some illicit drugs, like cocaine. But in fact, some preparations do work better and faster if snorted rather than taken orally. Modafinil is a cognitive stimulant, which is widely used off-label for promoting wakefulness, making you alert, concentrated, attentive, and overall fresh even after long hours of tiresome work.

The common rout of modafinil intake is oral. There is also generic modafinil that can be taken sublingually. But can you snort modafinil? Will snorting modafinil work better than its oral administration? That’s a big question we’ll try to find the answers for in this guide to modafinil.

Why Snort Medication?

Snort Medications

There are several benefits of snorting medicines:

  1. Faster onset of the effects. When snorting, the drug gets into the nasal cavity, which is covered with a thin mucous membrane. The capillaries, which are the tiniest blood vessels, get very close to the surface of the nasal mucous membrane. Therefore, the drug can get to the bloodstream almost instantly. Due to this, the effects induced by the medications appear significantly faster if compared to the oral route of administration.
  2. Lower doses Because the bioavailability of the medicines is higher when they are snorted, lower doses may be as effective as the commonly recommended ones for oral intake (100 mg or 200 mg). it allows you to reduce the harmful effects of the medication on the body, especially on the liver as it is the organ that metabolizes the majority of drugs.
  3. Fewer side effects. Getting into the bloodstream right away, the preparation “jumps over” the gastrointestinal tract, which may help to reduce the incidence of some of the adverse reactions associated with this system. Besides, being more effective in smaller doses, the risks for developing other unwanted reactions decrease as well.

What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a unique drug that can impose similar though milder effects as cocaine and some other psychotropics. The huge benefit of modafinil in this regard is its high safety level.

Modafinil is a nootropic, a eugeroic, and a cognitive stimulant. Here are some details on each of these characteristics. The word “nootropic” means that this drug has a positive effect on brain function. Modafinil boosts its activity and helps to use the brain more effectively. Being a eugeroic, modafinil can promote wakefulness allowing you to stay awake and feel rested regardless of the time of the day or night and the period you’ve been working for.

Due to the fact that modafinil is a cognitive stimulant, this drug enhances your attentiveness, focus. You get more attentive and thus, more effective in your job. The medication also helps your creativity, memory, and motivation.

These are the reasons why this medication is so popular among the people who need to do monotonous work for long hours, students, and business people. Modafinil is also used by the pilots, the military, and the doctors who have to keep their workability and attentiveness high for long hours.

The on-label medical uses of this drug are connected with the therapy of patients suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness caused by narcolepsy, shift-work sleep disorder, and some other sleep disturbances. The efficiency of modafinil has also been proven in people dealing with ADHD, depression, multiple sclerosis.

Is It Safe to Snort Medication?

The safety of snorting medicines depends on whether the medication is intended for that. Drugs for snorting are produced in the form of sprays, or powders, or gas. Snort safe modafinilIf the drug is made in the tablet form, then it’s not likely to be used for snorting. Naturally, you can snort anything that can be turned into powder but still, the effect may be not the one you hope for.

The thing is the production of oral drugs involves the use of special components (fillers and binders) whose task is to keep the tablet whole until it gets into the stomach. When you snort them, your mucous membrane gets damaged, which can cause nasal bleeding. Besides, it’s quite often that you’ll have a runny or stuffy nose because of snorting.

Problems with Snorting Modafinil

Is snorting modafinil dangerous? No. Is snorting modafinil better than taking it orally? No. Will you have any problems with snorting this drug? Yes.

Modafinil is produced in the tablet form. Except for the active ingredient, each tablet also contains excipients like fillers and binders. When you snort modafinil, you will harm your nasal capillaries and that will probably be your brightest memory about this modafinil snorting attempt.

To avoid a bad experience, it’s always better to check someone else’s first. On Reddit, the users who have already tried modafinil snorting say that the drug was useless. They didn’t feel any benefits. So why would you waste the tablet?

Where Can I Buy Modafinil?

Modafinil belongs to the category of regulated drugs, which means it can be purchased from the nearest drugstore only if you have a prescription. But what if you don’t have one? In this case, you should check out the offers of the vendors selling the drug online.

One of the biggest reliable online modafinil shops is Modafinil XL. They ship modafinil generic version around the world. Working directly with the drug manufacturers, the company offers modafinil generics at a very reasonable price. Besides, you can get nice discounts and free delivery service if your order is over 50$. Unfortunately, Modafinil XL doesn’t ship modafinil generics to Canada because of the very strict policy of the country targeted at illicit modafinil sales and purchases.

But even living in Canada, you still can buy modafinil on the web. BuyModa company offers drug delivery to Canada at a small price. The choice of generics on their website is as good as it is on Modafinil XL. There you can find Modvigil, Modalert, Modaheal, Waklert, Artvigil, etc.

European users can minimize the issues with modafinil delivery buying from Eufinil. The difference between these suppliers and those located in India is that they ship the drug from within the EU, so you can easily get your tablets even overnight.

Why People Snort Medications?

The common reason why people snort medications, that are not intended for it, is interest. They want to increase the effects of the drugs in case they develop tolerance, “investigate” some new levels of the drug efficiency, speed up the onset of their effects, or they do it just for hype.

Anyway, such experiments rarely end up with a positive result. Usually, the drugs just don’t work or people get troubles with their nose. Some people snort modafinil trying to catch the high. It’s useless, of course, because modafinil’s task is to make you more effective not drunk.

Can You Order Modafinil Online?

Buying modafinil online is the best choice regardless of whether you have a prescription or not. Let us explain, ordering the drug on the web, you have a much wider choice. Regular pharmacies usually sell only Provigil (modafinil brand drug), whereas online pharmacies have at least five different modafinil generics. They are as potent and as effective as the brand, but they are much cheaper, which makes them more affordable for any pocket.

Snort ModafinilAlso, online modafinil stores offer free delivery of the drug right to your door and give a guarantee for the delivery. The latter is crucial as in many countries, a package with modafinil can be confiscated at the border. So, wishing to buy cheap but top-quality drug with a free delivery, online modafinil vendors are the best option to choose.


Chasing for some new feelings and experience, many people want to try modafinil snorting. But in fact, the idea itself sounds better than it actually is. Believe it or not, but you’ll spend more time preparing modafinil powder that will be safe for your mucous than the drug will need to start working if you take it as usual. So, no one’s going to win.

Still, if you want to speed up or intensify modafinil effects, try to take it on an empty stomach and then drink a cup of good coffee. This way, you can help the drug work faster, make the drug effects more intense, and of course, get pleasure from a nice drink. So forget about snorting modafinil. The game is not worth the candles.