If you have thought about mixing Modafinil and alcohol, just think whether your body wants it. Your body would not be happy about this interaction because Modafinil and alcohol provide absolutely different action. And if you do not want to harm your body, we do not recommend you to combine these ingredients.

And now, let’s consider why you should not combine the pills with beverage drinks.

Why cannot I mix Modafinil and alcohol?

Modafinil is one of the most effective and popular products for the improvement of the cognitive functions. Its effects include:

  • Increase of the productivity;
  • Improvement of the memory;
  • Fatigue reduction;
  • Wakefulness.

These effects are conditioned by the stimulation of the central nervous system and a production of dopamine. The stimulating effect of Modafinil will not make you faster and more energetic. You will not be tired and will be able to work longer. Modafinil even in low doses provide an intensive agitation on the central nervous system. It needs to support your working efficacy. And there is no other way.

When it comes to the alcohol abuse, you should be very attentive. If you have taken Modafinil within the past 12 hours, you should refuse from alcohol. And here is why.

Ethanol is a strong psychoactive ingredient. It inhibits the functions of the central nervous system. It is added to most beverage drinks and is a very dangerous ingredient. You know that alcohol breaks the cells of the brain and central nervous system. And now, imagine that you have taken a pill that have a back action. Do you think that alcohol will reduce the effect of Modafinil? Probably, it will. But do not worry about it. The matter is that your body will not understand what you want from it.

The stimulating mediators are produced under the action of Modafinil. You will feel a burst of the energy modafinil adviser/a>. But when ethanol comes to the blood, the central nervous system will lose the sensitivity. Neurons will start slowly transferring the electric impulses. You will process information worse.

This overload of the central nervous system may be very dangerous. If alcohol was an antidote of Modafinil, it would be good. But in case of the interaction of these ingredients, the nervous system experiences a severe load. As a result, you may have a nervous breakdown, mental disorder, or even organic affection of the brain tissues.

What is the danger during the combination of Modafinil with alcohol?

And now let’s talk about what happens when you take a dose of Modafinil and alcohol. Unfortunately, the science will not help you. The only clinical studies that have been conducted have not been published. Therefore, we may just tell what we know. There will be more side effects.


A dangerous state is hardly noticed. It breaks the cells of the body leaving it without water. The blood becomes thicker and transfers the micronutrients and oxygen to the tissues of the heart not well.

Alcohol is a strong diuretic. Moreover, water is needed to help your body to faster excrete the ethanol molecules. Modafinil does not influence on diuresis but a great amount of water is used for the decomposition of this ingredient. Keep this in mind. The dewatering is very dangerous.

Liver cells destruction

Ethanol is able to affect the work of your liver. The load is increased in combination with Modafinil. In order to neutralize these ingredients, the body transfers it through the liver – a natural filter.

Modafinil and alcohol induce the intoxication in the body. The liver starts working in the emergency in order to clean the body. It may not stand the load at some point.

Side effects in the cardiovascular system

You probably know that Modafinil may increase the blood pressure and the frequency of the heart rate. These effects will become stronger if Modafinil is combined with alcohol.

By the way, let’s remember about the dewatering. The heart should more often and more intensively beat in order to pump the thick blood. Tachycardia and blood pressure is guaranteed.

What do people feel when they take alcohol with Modafinil?

There are stories on the popular platforms including reddit, where people share their experience of taking Modafinil and alcohol. We cannot say that these comments are good. Most people say that a severe headache appear after the first dose of alcohol (even if it was a glass of beer) also you need known modafinil and weed guide. The blood rushes to the face, and it becomes red.

But the main side effect appear in a while. “A hangover will be severe. There is a feeling that the body has got a severe intoxication, even though I took just two glasses of beer” – said a user named red_devil.

Many people say that they just passed out. The central nervous system was so exhausted that you could pass out at the street, in the public transport, or on a visit. Moreover, you will sleep long. The body will compensate the load.

When one may take alcohol?

It is believed that alcohol may be consumed in 12 hours after the use of 200 mg Modafinil. But it is not really so.

The half-life usually takes 10-14 hours and may be changed depending on the functions of the liver and kidneys. If you consume alcohol often, your liver probably works not well. The active molecules of Modafinil may be kept for 15-16 hours in the body. And if you take the dose of alcohol in 12 hours, you still may have side effects.

To be more confident that molecules of Modafinil will not interact with ethanol, wait for at least 16 hours before taking alcohol. The longer you wait, the lower the risk of the side effects is.

If you know that you are going to consume alcohol next 24 hours, refuse from Modafinil. If you skip a micro dose, your mental abilities will not become bad. It would be worse when you will not be able to take Modafinil for a long period because of the alcohol intoxication.

If I took alcohol, when should I take Modafinil pill?

The half-life of ethanol depends on several factors:

  • Health of liver and kidneys;
  • Metabolism;
  • Content of alcohol in the blood.

According to this, ethanol may be kept in the blood within 1 to 8 hours. If you have hangover, and you do not have side effects of alcohol, you may take Modafinil. The hangover is a sign when one may detect how alcohol has affected the body. If you have the hangover, do not take Modafinil.


Do not mix Modafinil with alcohol. If it happened, try to minimize the load on the central nervous system this day. Just stay home, do not work if it requires a high concentration. You should avoid stress and overstrain. Take as more water as you can in order to avoid dewatering.

A combination of Modafinil and alcohol is dangerous but not deadly. But these severe intoxication leave a trace on the body.