If you are looking for the stimulator for your brain, you have probably paid attention to the most popular drugs: Modafinil and Adderall. They are developed to treat narcolepsy and ADHD. But students and business owners use them to enhance the productivity of the brain.

Most active users of nootropic agents will tell you that Modafinil is better. But is it true? Let’s consider this question in science terms.

Why is Modafinil compared with Adderall?

One would think what does Modafinil have to do with Adderall? FDA has approved Modafinil and Adderall for the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy. But these are two different medications that belong to different medical groups.

  • Modafinil is an analeptic stimulating the functions of the brain and spinal cord. It improves metabolism in the tissues of the brain and enhances the production of dopamine. It inhibits the sleepiness and allows better focus on a task.
  • Adderall is a psychoanaleptic from the group of amphetamines. It stimulates the central nervous system, activates neurons in the brain and gives vivacity. It slightly improves the cognitive functions. It happens by means of the acceleration of the information processing. The execute functions are improved: work memory, emotional control, and control of the psychomotor reactions.

Despite the differences in the structure and medical classes, it is worth noting that Modafinil and Adderall execute the same thing. But to understand which stimulator is better, we should consider how every ingredient acts in the body.

Action mechanism of Adderall: benefits and drawbacks

Adderall reveals the neurotransmitters of dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline in the cells of the central nervous system. These are transport mediators that transfer the electrochemical impulse between the neurons. The more these transport systems are, the faster and better your central nervous system works. It is manifested in the form of the agitation, improvement of the reaction, coordination of movements, and a fast decision-making.

Adderall benefits:

  1. A prevention of the early destruction of the neurotransmitters and a prolongation of their active period. The stimulating effect lasts from 10 to 12 hours.
  2. An increase of dopamine influences on the intellectual level of a human; mood and mental alertness is increased.
  3. An inhibition of the drowsiness and a longer vivacity.

Adderall drawbacks:

  1. An intensive increase of noradrenaline and adrenaline may induce hyper excitation of the central nervous system. A human gets an excessive energy. An overcompensation may appear in some period. You may experience fatigue, low energy, laxity, and drowsiness.
  2. Adderall stimulates beta-adrenoreceptors. It means that your heart will experience a load. The increase of the blood pressure and the frequency of the heart rate will make you more energetic. But will it give additional problems?
  3. Adderal may cause euphoria. The intensive stimulating influence on the central nervous system often leads to the development of the euphoria. You will not estimate a reality objectively.
  4. It is necessary to increase the dose in order to keep the effect. Be ready that you will want to take more pills. This is the first step to the development of an addiction.

Indeed, Adderall has many drawbacks. All benefits fade against them. But it is not important. If one follows the instruction and recommendations, the drawbacks may be neutralized.

Keep in mind the essential information: Adderall is a stimulant. It gives a fast and an intensive burst of the energy which fades away gradually. Yes, you will experience the effect of Adderall. But if you compare the effect in the first 3 hours and in the last 3 hours, you will see a big difference. In order to recharge yourself with the energy, it is necessary to take the pills with a short interval. This is where a danger lies.

Action mechanism of Modafinil: benefits and drawbacks

Modafinil has a completely unique molecular structure and is not a psychostimulant. But it also gives you energy and helps in making decisions. And the mechanism of the pharmacological action is completely different. Modafinil releases neurotransmitters of dopamine, histamine, and orexin. These chemical ingredients act differently, and therefore the effect will differ. We know about dopamine. This ingredient improves the cognitive possibilities, gives the emotional well-being, improves a concentration, and others.

Histamine is the essential mediator of the allergic reaction. It is responsible for the analeptic properties of Modafinil. The blood circulation is improved in the tissues, the respiratory function is agitated, sleepiness disappears during the increase of the histamine level. The muscle tissues are ready and slightly tense. This hormone gives your body a signal that it is necessary to recollect strength and be awake.

The main task of orexin is to support a state of the vivacity. This ingredient helps to cope with narcolepsy. You will not have fatigue and drowsiness.

Modafinil benefits:

  1. The action takes from 8 to 12 hours. The effect is smooth, without any shifts.
  2. The central nervous system is not stimulated compared to Adderall. The action is directed at the activation of the additional brain functions.
  3. The drowsiness is effectively inhibited. Taking just 2 pills of Modafinil per day you will not sleep within 72 hours (but it is very dangerous for your body).
  4. No influence on the cardiovascular function. It does not stimulate the cells of beta-adrenoreceptors and does not increase the blood pressure.

Modafinil drawbacks:

  1. It does not give such surge of energy as Adderall.
  2. It may induce the allergic reaction because of the histamine production.
  3. You do not know when the pills start acting. It happens insensibly. People often do their things and do it better. One may notice that this person is focused and enthusiastic. But you may not notice it and would like to take another pill. Do not do it.

Safety of Modafinil and Adderall: side effect comparison

Modafinil provides less stimulating action on the central nervous system like Adderall. The users notice that the side effects of Modafinil are softer. If 200 mg Modafinil is taken, the side effects do not appear. It all depends on the dose and how long you take the pills.

The most frequent side effects of Modafinil:

  1. Headache;
  2. Urticarial fever;
  3. Poor appetite;
  4. Dry mouth.

Modafinil is dangerous for allergic people. The increase of histamine may cause urticarial fever. Therefore the doctors do not recommend taking it during the aggravation of the season allergy or if you take antihistamine products. These medications will lower the effect of Modafinil.

The main problem of Adderall is that it is an intensive stimulator. Due to this, it has more side effects. About 1/3 patients state the side effects in the cardiovascular system:

  1. Tachycardia.
  2. Increase of the blood pressure.
  3. Entotic sound.

The rest of the side effect of Adderall include:

  1. Anxiety.
  2. Migraine.
  3. Low libido and erectile dysfunction.
  4. Nausea.
  5. Tremor.
  6. Overexciting.
  7. Insomnia.

The biggest danger of Adderall is a development of euphoria and a psychological addiction. You may get used to the action and you will need to increase the dose. The longer you will take Adderall, the more addiction you will have. As soon as you stop taking Adderall, the life will not be interesting to you anymore. You may lose the energy, become less successful, lose a concentration, and others. That is why Adderall is prescribed for short period, and doctors insist on a strict observance of the dosing.

Adderall belongs to the list II in the classification system of the stimulants. It has a high abuse liability. You should not fall for the emotional link with the pills. If you feel the development of the addiction, go to a doctor as soon as possible.

Modafinil has a higher safety status. It belongs to the list of Schedule IV. It means that Modafinil is determined as a rather safe medication with a low abuse liability.

Bear in mind that Modafinil is also a stimulant. It has a different action, but it is still complicated to estimate an influence on the brain the longer term. Scientists explore the effect of Modafinil on a long distance. There are some changes. But it is impossible to detect them yet.

The results of the comparison of Modafinil vs Adderall

If we combined the abovementioned statements into one conclusion, we can really say that Modafinil is better than Adderall. This is not just our opinion.

They execute different functions in the body objectively. But they are taken with one purpose. And Modafinil better works for these purpose. Why? It is that simple.

  1. Modafinil acts on the higher functions of the brain and less activates the central nervous system.
  2. It is important to get the improved memory and a wakefulness than an intensive burst of the energy.
  3. You want to solve the tasks better and be more flexible in a solution of the problems. You do not need a speed, you need a quality.
  4. Adderall gives a speed of thinking, Modafinil gives a quality. You may think slower but it will be more effectively. You will not have excessive thoughts in your head.
  5. Due to the selective action on the cognitive functions, Modafinil better improves the long-term memory. Adderall better improves the short-term memory.

We have said about the safety of the drugs, and therefore we will not repeat it again. Modafinil is a leader here.

If you have not used Modafinil yet and are taking Adderall, you should try it.

  • First, it is necessary to change a stimulant every 2-3 months in order to avoid the addiction.
  • Secondly, you will feel a new effect and get the maximal focus and motivation to do the everyday tasks.

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