modafinil weight loss

Every era has its fashion drug. While sales of the anxiety-relieving lithium reached unprecedented heights as a result of the WWII trauma in the 1950s, tranquilizers such as Valium were en vogue in the 1960s, promising rest and better sleep in the hectic economic miracle years. The triumphant advance of antidepressants began in the 1990s – not least because at that time notorious Prozac was advertised in the USA as a happy and slimming lifestyle drug. It is therefore not surprising that the Americans lead the world in the consumption of smart drugs. Modafinil sales alone (the active ingredient increases the ability to concentrate) have increased from just under $ 200 million to well over $ 1 billion in the past ten years.weight-loss

There is no question that psychopharmaceuticals are important for the mentally ill to regulate the metabolism of the brain so that they can address everyday issues. As Modafinil weight loss, indeed. With the number of regulations, however, the risk of abuse increases. Modafinil, for example, which synthetically reproduces the structure of the naturally obtained cocaine, is also referred to by critics as “baby coke”.

If you want to get prescription drugs, you can usually do it. In relevant online forums, you find tips on how to order the pills online. According to the motto: what makes schoolchildren smarter and shift workers lively can not be so wrong.

Is Modafinil safe?

There are good reasons, such as incalculable side effects, why certain medications are not freely available. For example, Modafinil can lead to weight loss, insomnia and depression. There is also a risk of addiction. About 80 percent of all people are interested in taking drugs that make them smart and fit – provided they have no side effects. In such a situation you should decide for yourself what you are doing when taking Modafinil for weight loss.

Effect of Modafinil on Weight Loss

Psychotropic drugs have an antipsychotic impact due to the blocking chemical connection points in the brain, the so-called receptors. Depending on the drug in question, different receptors are blocked, which means that the effects differ considerably. A blockage of receptors is currently assumed, but indirect effects via the immune system or hormonal changes are also to be considered. Regarding the course of the weight fluctuation, it can be said that this usually occurs in the first weeks or months with no further increase.

weight loss modafinilWhy do weight fluctuations occur when taking psychotropic drugs? If a medication starts to work, this leads to an improvement in symptoms and stress reduction. On the other hand, this would reduce the basic requirements for metabolism. This means that you no longer need as much energy as you had previously consumed through nutrition. This results in decreased nutrition and consequently the weight loss.

Modafinil and weight loss

Psychotropic drugs are among the most prescribed medications worldwide and often they have to be taken for many months, often years. Some of the substances have none impact on weight, others can lead to weight loss or weight gain. The main medicines used in psychiatry are antidepressants, antipsychotics, and mood stabilizers. All of these drugs change the metabolism in the brain. How does this exactly work we do not know. The cause of the occurring weight fluctuations has not yet been scientifically clarified.

Modafinil side effects weight loss

Our body constantly needs energy. Similar to petrol for the car, our food – in the form of carbohydrates and fat – provides the fuel for our body. Protein serves as the building material that the body needs for the constant construction and dismantling process. Modafinil curbs these desires so that you no longer feel hungry.

Why Modafinil is Gaining Popularity for weight loss

weight-lossThe temptation to make yourself beautiful is great. At the time this article was written, there was speculation in the media about systematic and politically promoted doping. Before that, it wasn’t just Lance Armstrong making headlines when he delivered his doping confession about well-known facts. Especially when there is supposedly a lot at stake, you may be willing to increase your chances by taking chemical aids – whether in sports, at university or work.

Neuro-enhancement has a long tradition: ephedrine-containing tea was used in China 5000 years ago, the antiquity and also later, the mood and risk appetite of soldiers before the fight was increased by giving alcohol, in South America is traditional Chewed cocaine, the US Army switched to amphetamines in World War II, for example, To keep pilots awake longer, the Wehrmacht also distributed methamphetamine (both substances also increase aggression, which is certainly desired by the commanders in armed conflicts). For centuries, caffeine has been used excessively as such or as energy drinks’ factor as of late. Cocaine was seen by Sigmund Freud as a promising remedy for depression and obesity (!). It even may have been added to Coca-Cola in small doses initially (which the manufacturer denies).

Given all this, it comes not as a surprise that Modafinil gains popularity. Modafinil help with weight loss is for real, the drug does what it promises.

What form of Modafinil to choose

Many different drugs are used pharmacologically to address psychiatric disorders. It is absolutely up to you which one to opt for if you need to feel better:

  • Psychostimulants Methylphenidate or Modafinil
  • Phase prophylaxis Topiramate or Zonisamide
  • Anxiolytics Lorazepam or Diazepam

Weight changes under psychopharmacological therapy are a common phenomenon. That is why you should get sufficient medical information about the medication and possible sequelae. Control of body weight is recommended weekly. It is important sometimes at the beginning to keep an eye on any increase in appetite, to discuss lifestyle changes and individual eating habits and, if necessary, to change them.

Key findings

In general, obesity arises from the fact that daily calorie intake exceeds the body’s energy consumption (= positive energy balance). There can be various reasons for this apart from medication, of which several are mostly one


  • predisposition
  • lack of movement
  • erratic eating behavior

You should, therefore, try to save fat above all.