Modafinil has been regarded as the best cognitive enhancer. It helps to overcome the difficult tasks and achieve the maximal concentration. Despite a great similarity to Adderall and Ritalin, it is safer.

Modafinil is for sale under different names including Provigil. But as you know, Provigil is a rather expensive option, and therefore we recommend you to pay attention to Modalert. It is not worse than the original drug but it costs cheaper.

You may buy Modalert by 3-4 times cheaper than Provigil in the proved sources. But we are going to tell about it later. And now let’s get to know an instruction of the drug.

What is Modalert?

Modalert is prescribed for the treatment of the ADHD, shift work sleep disorder, and narcolepsy. It is a generic version of Modafinil from pharmaceutical company Sun Pharma.


The experimental studies of Modalert have detected a lot of other features. For instance, it may enhance your cognitive abilities and a possibility of the concentration during solution of the difficult tasks.

It is used by students during preparation for the exams. They not only achieve a higher concentration but also remember more information. Modafinil activates possibilities of the brain that are responsible for the memory. Students learns information faster, and then it can be easily found in the memory when it is needed during the exam.

These features of Modalert are also used by office workers, economists, financial analytics, brokers, and many others. If your profession needs a special concentration and a good memory, Modafinil will be able to optimize the processes in your head.

In some countries (for instance, the USA and Israel), the soldiers take a pill before carrying out military tasks. This way they can better concentrate, have a high awareness, and do not experience sleepiness for a long period.

Advantages of Modalert

  1. Maximalconcentration.
  2. Increase of the motivation during study or execution of the routine tasks.
  3. Inhibition of the mental fatigue during a prolonged work.
  4. Increase of the cognitive functions: memory, mental processing, computing processes.
  5. Increase of the ability to do monotonous tasks within a long period.
  6. A reduction of sleepiness during the monotonous work or education.

But one of the main advantages of Modafinil is its safety index. It is completely excreted from the body within 12-15 hours and is not accumulated in the blood, liver, or kidneys. Therefore you will not feel broken or experience a discomfort when another dose of Modalert ends its action.

How does Modalert act on my brain?

Modafinil is responsible for the pharmacological action. It acts on the specific receptors in the brain tissues and nervous system. These receptors take part in a production of neurotransmitters including dopamine.


  • Dopamine is produced naturally and is one of the main hormones. It is responsible for a feeling of satisfaction, love, and cognitive functions.

Modafinil stimulates the dopamine receptors, and so this hormone is produced more intensively. The activation of dopamine receptors is needed during the processes of shifting the human attention from one stage of the cognitive activity to another one. Thus the more dopamine is concentrated in the brain tissues, the more intensive the cognitive processes happen. A human easily selects primary tasks and may do it more quality. It may be both learning of something new, and an execution of work you already know.

The ingredients from the group of amphetamines have the identical action. They just include more dopamine receptors. For example, cocaine activates the dopaminergic transfer by 6 times more intensively. But it does not mean that you will think better. These ingredients as cocaine and amphetamines enhance the speed of the information production and cheerfulness. You will think faster but not quality. It will not give you a significant improvement of the cognitive processes.

Modafinil focuses on the quality of the cognitive processes. And a cheerfulness and an inhibition of the sleepiness is achieved by means of the stimulation of the histamine receptors and orexin. These ingredients give you a possibility to work longer and not being tired.

How much is Modalert cost?

Modalert is significantly cheaper than the original Provigil because it is Generic version of Modafinil. But if we compare Modalert with other Generics, its cost will be more expensive. This version is approved by FDA and is in massive demand among the users. This is one of the most clearest formulas of Modafinil that you will find on the market. But a cost of Modalert may vary. The lowest cost of Modalert may be found in *** ***.


For instance, if you plan to order the package with 20 pills, a cost of every pill will be $2,80. But it is more cost-efficient to buy big packs. If you are planning to take the pills for more than a month, it is better to take the package of Modalert with 50 pills. A cost of every pill will be $1,7. The maximal order consisting of 300 pills will be the cheapest – $0,96 per pill.

But it is not the lowest price you may buy Modalert for. We will give you a piece of valuable advice how to save money while buying Modalert online:

  1. Choose Bitcoin payment. The reliable shops such as **** give up to 20% off for every order paid by the digital currency.
  2. Define one seller. The regular customers usually have 10% off from a cost because they do not change a seller.

Following these recommendations, you will reduce a final cost of Modalert and modafinil by 30%.

Where to buy Modalert?

Pay enough time for search of a safe seller of Modalert online. You will find a lot of offer by the query “buy Modalert online”. But according to our experience, about 70% of shops do not meet the high standards. We recommend to use popular forums: Quora or Reddit to find out what shops are used by the users. Also you may visit our selection of the reliable sellers of Modalert that correspond the highest demands: ***** ****

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Shopping online

You may buy Modalert with worldwide shipment in every of these shops. There are some countries that have restrictions for packages with Modafinil but these questions may be discussed with the support.

What is better to buy Modalert or Provigil?

According to our opinion, there is no difference between Modalert and Provigil. You should know that every medication has its cheap analogue. The medicine would be available just for rich people without it.

A Provigil pill costs about $50-55. And now imagine how many people may buy this drug? Not more than 10-12%. A Modalert pill costs by 20 times cheaper. It is normal because Sun Pharma company does not invest million dollars in marketing of this brand name.

A chemical formula of Modalert is just the same as Provigil. They even contain similar number of Modalert – 200 mg. If their composition differed, Modalert would not be Generic. It would be a separate medication that has to be promoted.

So, if you think about what to buy better, we recommend you to pay attention to Modalert. The most important is to select a reliable seller to be confident in a high quality of the pills.

How should I take Modalert?

  1. Take a pill of Modalert 200 mg before noon. The best dosage intake time is morning, in 1-2 hours after awakening.
  2. You may take the drug on an empty stomach, and after meals. A therapeutic effect of Modafinil does not depend on it.
  3. The action of Modalert 200 mg starts in 30 minutes. You will experience freshness, high concentration and will be able to better focus on tasks.
  4. Modalert 200 mg will keep your brain up within 8 hours.

If your tasks need a longer concentration, take another pill of Modalert 200 mg. It is normal when you try to do everything at once. But do not abuse this.

  • The second pill of Modalert 200 mg may be taken at not later than 4-5 pm.
  • You may experience problems with falling asleep because Modafinil would still work till midnight.
  • Do not take 2 pills every day. 400 mg Modafinil a day is a high dose for your body. You should give it a possibility to rest. Mix the use of 200 mg a day and 400 mg a day.

Are there side effects of Modalert?

It would be a surprise if Modafinil would not have any side effects. It is a strong product that controls the work of your brain. Of course, Modalert has side effects as any analogical drug. But scientists have proved that all reactions of Modalert are not dangerous. These are light or moderate side effects that may be controlled. It is just necessary to reduce a daily dose or cancel the use of the pills for several days, and you will feel great.

Common side effects of Modalert:

  • Allergic reactions: rash, urticarial fever, or itching.
  • The symptoms of the central nervous system: headache, dizziness, light anxiety, difficulties to fall asleep.
  • The symptoms of the cardiovascular system: light type of tachycardia, insignificant increase of the blood pressure.

A stomach upset is also met. And in this case you should not take Modalert on an empty stomach. Take the pills in 15 minutes after meals and these symptoms will disappear.

What to expect from the use of Modalert?

If you think that Modalert is a magical pill from the movie Limitless, we will upset you. Do not expect that you will become a genius in a couple of minutes. Take a fiction critically. There are lots of non-existent facts to make it more interesting and fascinating.

Modalert really improves the possibilities of your brain. But it makes it invisibly for you. It means that you will remember more information faster and easily. At first, you will not notice it. But in 2-3 weeks you will understand that you remember all information you have learned 2-3 weeks ago. You will easily focus on routine tasks. You will seem that time goes slower because you will do more.

Do not expect a significant improvement of the physical energy or creative thinking. Imagine your current skills multiplied by 2. This is the result of Modalert. You will feel changes in the long run. But it all possible during the observation of all rules only.