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Are you interested in the cognitive enhancers and do you want to buy the best stimulator for the brain Modafinil? If you live in Australia, it is difficult to implement this desire because of the special attitude of the government to this drug. But we are going to help you to find out where to find Modafinil in Australia and tell you how to avoid the laws. Ok, let it roll!

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«Modafinil – an additive for the brain»

A public interest in the cognitive enhancers grows every year. This is a merit of the internet and movies that have popularized the tablets increasing the brain activity. You have probably seen the movies The Limitless, and Lucy, and they say about the tablets that drive out the cognitive function, and a human gets new skills. The queries on the internet have been increased by several times after these movies. Of course, the tablets with such magical action do not exist but we may offer you something else.

Modafinil is very popular today among people who need to enhance the cognitive abilities. These people are students, military men, biohackers, businessmen, analytics, economists, traders, and others. All these people actively take this drug to improve the brain work, even though Modafinil has been approved for the treatment of narcolepsy and ADHD only.

How does Modafinil work?

how does modafinil work

To effectively cope with the narcolepsy, Modafinil enhances the production of dopamine that stimulates the function of the central nervous system. Besides dopamine, a production of norepinephrine is increased in the tissues of the brain. The clinical studies have detected that the side effect of the action is the improvement of the metabolic processes in the brain. Due to this, neurons in the brain cells become more sensitive and faster react to the incoming impulses. In other words, the central nervous system and the brain faster process the information and react to the mental activity.

All these effects helps a human to feel more energy, defeat the fatigue, and solve the set tasks faster. We can draw a parallel between Modafinil and other stimulators such as caffeine, amphetamine, and others. But in comparison with other drugs, Modafinil has many advantages:

  • It does not normally cause side effects;
  • No withdrawal effect;
  • The quality of the brain work is improved, not its speed, this is a critical difference.

Pay attention to the fact that Modafinil does not induce the withdrawal effect unlike the classical stimulants of the central nervous system. What is it? If you like strong coffee, you have probably noticed that you experience energy, good spirits after 1-2 cups, and you can do different tasks better and faster. But in 2-3 hours, the energy drops and you experience fatigue. This is a natural physiological process that happens during the use of many stimulants.

Modafinil has a different action. It does not induce a sudden release of the neurotransmitters that enhance a load on the central nervous system, and then it loses their properties. The drug induces a stable enhance of the dopamine level without boosts of its concentration in the blood. It gives a smoother effect.

Moreover, all stimulants acts on the central nervous system than on the brain. Therefore, they stimulate the speed rates of the brain functioning. Modafinil acts in the neurons of the brain and has the impact on the central nervous system in lesser degree. So, a human achieves the improvement of the cognitive functions at first, and then the speed of the brain activity and a reaction grow.

What is Modafinil prescribed in Australia for?

Pay your attention that Modafinil is officially allowed for the use in case of two clinical situations:

  • Narcolepsy – a sleep disorder manifested in the form of the drowsiness.
  • ADHD – a disorder of the attention with hyperactivity and a disorder of the cognitive functions.

If a doctor has detected one of these symptoms, he/she can prescribe Adderall or Modafinil. Modafinil is lately prescribed in the industrially-developed countries because it is well tolerated than Adderall.

There are also several indications when a doctor prescribes Modafinil, if there is an acute need:

  • There are also several indications when a doctor prescribes Modafinil, if there is an acute need:
  • Drowsiness caused by the administration of the opioid pain-killers;
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Night shifts;
  • Multiple sclerosis.

If you go to a doctor and tell that you need a doping for the brain, and you need a prescription for Modafinil, you will not be given it.

Legal status of Modafinil in Australia

Legal Status Modafinil in Australia

If you do not have a prescription, you cannot buy Modafinil in Australia or buy modafinil in singapore. It is controlled by the law, and none pharmacy in Australia breaks this law.

“Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA) determines Modafinil as a drug of the 4th group”.

What does it mean?

There is a medicine classification according to the abuse liabillity and a pharmacological safety in every country. In Australia this is a Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA). According to this law, every drug belongs to certain category/group, and it helps to control the sale of a drug within the territory of the country.

The 4th group of medications which Modafinil belongs to has its own restrictions. These are drugs that are for sale by prescription only. The Australian Ministry of Health have decided that the use of Modafinil should be controlled by doctors, and this drug has an abuse liability. Even though many clinical studies did not prove that Modafinil causes a medical addiction at buy smart drugs online.

Despite the clinical studies, Modafinil is controlled by doctors, and the sales are regulated by the government.

Can pharmacies sell Modafinil in Australia?

Modafinil is for sale in many pharmacies of Australia, and if you have a prescription, you do not have problems with buying this drug. You can buy the number of tablets indicated in the prescription.

If a human does not have a prescription, he/she will not be able to buy Modafinil in any pharmacy in Australia or buy modafinil in ireland. If this law is broken, and the pharmacy is exposed in a sale of Modafinil without prescription, a license would be probably withdrawn, and the owner would be imposed a fine. So none pharmacy will risk because of two packs of Modafinil.

What should people do who do not have a prescription?

Despite all prohibitions, a lot of people from Australia buy Modafinil online and use them for their own purposes. Even if the prescription is absent, it is not a problem to buy Modafinil in the online shop.

Today there are several large suppliers who offer the original Modafinil and Armodafinil. They supply medications all over the world from India. The Indian government sees the sales of the cognitive enhances in the positive light, and therefore Modafinil and Armodafinil is for sale without prescription. Large traders who buy out tablets at a wholesale price use it and sell the drug all over the world.

The best sellers are Afinilexpress and Canadian Pharmacy Online.

There is a great choice in these pharmacies because the tablets from different manufacturers are available:

  • Modalert and Walkert from Sun Pharma;
  • Modvigil and Artvigil from Hub Pharma.

And prices of these tablets will be also lower because they are for sale from manufacturers and do not include the extra charges.

How to order Modafinil in Australia online?

buy modafinil online in australia

The sales of Modafinil in Australia without prescription are prohibited but the shipping of the tablets from abroad is absolutely legal. The matter is that TGA has a separate list of medications that can be imported into the countries. There is a public list containing all medications prohibited for the import in Australia. Modafinil and Armodafinil are absent in this list. It means that the import of these medication is possible but with the condition.

TGA in Australia tells us that all prescription drugs bought abroad and delivered by post will be checked on the customs. If the package contains a copy of the doctor’s prescription, the package will be sent to the owner. If the prescription is absent in the package, the owner will receive an official request. If the owner does not reply within a month, the package is confiscated.

However, in fact, about 1-2% of the packages are checked. The customs are not interested in a search of Modafinil because there are other ingredients to be controlled: cocaine, opioid drugs, amphetamines, and others. Modafinil does not belong to these groups. So, if you order Modafinil online at the reliable sellers, or you can order modafinil in uk you will not have any problems with the delivery to Australia.

If you are out of luck and the package is confiscated, do not panic. You apply a request to a seller and tell that your package has been taken on the customs. Your money will be returned in a day, or if you need Modafinil, the second package will be sent free of charge.

What happens to a buyer, if Modafinil without prescription is taken by the customs?

According to the government of Australia, a buyer is not responsible for the purchase of Modafinil online without prescription. If you got a request from the customs, you may even ignore it. Contact the online shop and explain the situation. The first package is confiscated, and the second one will be delivered in its entirety and good condition.

Why is a buyer not fined during the purchase of Modafinil online without prescription in Australia?

  • A buyer does not know about the content of the package till the package is received.
  • A prescription may be lost during the packaging.
  • The Australian government does not have any fines for buy Modafinil canada abroad without prescription.

Fast Facts:

  1. Modafinil is really the best additive for the brain and acts on every human.
  2. Modafinil does not induce an addiction, and it has a low abuse liability.
  3. A sale of Modafinil without prescription is prohibited in pharmacies of Australia that are located inside the state.
  4. The government of Australia and the Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA) cannot prohibit the citizens to buy Modafinil online even if they do not have a prescription.
  5. The best tablets of Modafinil are for sale in Canadian Pharmacy Online.
  6. If you are recommended another seller of Modafinil online, read the reviews about it, about the history of this shop, and contact the customer support. If you are not confident in a seller, do not buy Modafinil.
  7. If the customs identified Modafinil in the package and confiscated it, contact a customer support and ask for a new package of Modafinil. It is free of charge.


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