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When you hear about Modafinil for the first time, this drug may seem magical. Everybody talks about its magical properties: students, businessmen, financial analytics, and scientists.

Modafinil belongs to the group of medications that activates the hidden properties of the brain making a human think faster, deeper, and more quality. Even several hours of the hard mental work will not be tiresome if you take a Modafinil pill. But is this drug so good and does it have the “magical” properties? We are going to consider the peculiarities of Modafinil and find out why its sales grow in Canada every year.

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Modafinil: memory, motivation, and thirst for knowledge

Scientists from the Harvard and Oxford Universities have come up with the opinion that Modafinil is the only working drug which effectively improves the cognitive function. Moreover, such brain sections as memory, motivation and concentration are involved. A human experiences the maximal concentration after the use of the pill, and it is difficult to distract from the task. The words cannot express this feeling because separate cognitive functions are enhanced in every person.

It is believed that the safety of Modafinil is kept at a high level, and a risk of the medical addiction is almost absent, if the drug is taken for a short period. But in Canada Modafinil is for sale by prescription only.

In what cases is Modafinil prescribed in Canada?

A doctor has to make sure that you have one of the following states before giving out a Modafinil prescription:
– Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder;
– Night apnea;
– Narcolepsy.

There is another state when it is allowed to take Modafinil: a night work. A reference from the employers and a medical report (psychologist or neuropathologist) is required in order to confirm that the night work harms the body.

Modafinil stimulates the brain area that is responsible for the synthesis of dopamine. Taking the pills, a significant increase of the dopamine concentration is noticed in the brain tissues, so that a patient easily controls the symptoms of the ADHD as well as narcolepsy.

You may say that Adderall is also used during the ADHD within many years. It is true but the side effects of Adderall restrict its administration. It is not a secret that the drug is a strong psychostimulant that works as amphetamines and also induces an addiction.

Modafinil belongs to the completely another medical group – nootropic agents.

A peculiarity of nootropic agents is that they stimulate the nervous system and affect the brain at once.

  • Improvement of the blood circulation in the brain tissues and metabolism;
  • Improvement of the attention and concentration, and mood by means of the increased level of dopamine;
  • Sleepiness is inhibited, and good spirits is provided within a day;
  • Nootropic agents help to cope with the fatigue during the prolonged mental tension.

«Administration of Modafinil in Canada for other agendas»

The abovementioned properties help to cope with serious pathologies. But about 80% of buyers of Modafinil in Canada use it for other agendas. It is believed that every third student in Canada who works on the thesis takes Modafinil to stimulate the brain activity.

This medication has one peculiarity: it improves a productivity of the brain. Just imagine that you can learn information for the thesis and remember it within 1-2 nights, and then you can make conclusions and describe your own vision statement.

«That’s just unreal?»

The experiments have proved that it is real, and both students, and scientists actively use it. Many people do not admit that they take Modafinil for other agendas because they do not have a prescription and they buy the tablets on the internet. But the statistics of the sales tell the opposite. Even the top managers in the large corporations actively take Modafinil to effectively run the business processes and better see into the tasks. Taking Modafinil, a person holds the cards in the hands because this person thinks differently and faster process the obtained information.

How can I get Modafinil in Canada?

There are two methods to get Modafinil in Canada:

Method 1: you go to a doctor, the doctor detects your problem, you get a prescription and buy Modafinil in the city pharmacy. It sounds good, doesn’t it? But it is not so easy to get a prescription. It is rather difficult to prove that you have narcolepsy or night apnea. Moreover, no cheating should be suspected.

Even a prescription does not guarantee you a light purchase of Modafinil in Canada. The original brand Provigil is for sale at a cost of $45-60 per pill. To become a real monster you should pay a great sum of money.

Method 2: you find a safe online pharmacy on the internet, choose a drug you like, and place an order.

This option is preferable. You do not need a prescription, do not spend $150 for visiting a private doctor, do not pay big sums for the original brand Provigil. Modafinil is produced in India under the trade names Modalert, Modvigil, Artvigil, Walkert, and others. These drugs contain the original formula of Modafinil and do not differ from the brand Provigil. And a cost of every pill of these Generics is from $1 to $2.

Modafinil vs Armodafinil: what is the difference?

Modafinil is the first advanced nootropic agent that has been developed to improve the cognitive function of a human. This drug consists of two compounds:

  • S – a short action;
  • R – a long action.

These compounds are proportional in Modafinil and do not exceed 50%. But the improved formula has been developed that consists of one R compound. This newest development has entered the market under the trade name Armodafinil.

It is believed that Armodafinil actively stimulates the cognitive functions. But it is not true. Its action slightly differs. Armodafinil enhances the speed of the brain work and helps to better cope with the drowsiness. And it does not affect the cognitive functions. A human just remembers faster and processes the obtained information better.

Armodafinil is not recognized in many countries, and therefore you can buy just Modafinil in the Canada pharmacies. However, two options from the manufacturers are available in the online shops.

How to find a safe supplier of Modafinil in Canada online?

It is not easy to find a safe supplier of Modafinil in Canada. The government is strict as to the non-prescription sale of Modafinil in the city pharmacies, and that is why all sales are on the internet. Due to this, a lot of dishonest suppliers have appeared that offer the tablet at the attractive prices, and then they just send a fake.

But there are high chances to find a safe shop. It is enough to visit several specialized platforms such as Quora, Reddit, Nootropicsexpert, and others. There is a lot of information about people who have ordered Modafinil in Canada and know good sellers.

There are several safe shops such as Afinilexpress but not all of them do the direct supplies to Canada. Many sellers of Modafinil online use the services to send packages. These are services that get the order in the USA at their own address, and then they send the package to your address in Canada.

The matter is that the customs legislation of Canada is stricter than in the USA, and the packages from China and India are often checked. The packages with Modafinil you buy on the internet are sent from these countries.

So, if you want to get Modafinil in Canada online, the logistic company may use the services to send the packages. Therefore, the delivery of Modafinil in Canada is more expensive than, for instance, in the USA.

What does the government say about a purchase and sale of Modafinil in Canada?

As any county, Canada has its own list of the allowed medications that are divided into different groups. We are not going to tell you about these groups, we just say that Modafinil is a prescription product and is for sale by prescription only.

As in the USA, Modafinil in Canada is prohibited to sale people without prescription, and city pharmacies may be fined, if they violate this rule. The federal authorities follow the execution of the law and even help the customs service in order to prevent the illegal trade of the non-prescription Modafinil in Canada.

The government itself is very complicated. For instance, a sale of Modafinil without prescription is prohibited, but it is not prohibited to buy it without prescription. It means that if you found the online seller who is registered not in Canada and does not obey the federal laws of Canada, you can buy Modafinil online and get it by post.

The customs may confiscate it if a prescription is not provided in the package. But, in fact, it happens seldom, and sellers foresee the second sending of the free package.

We pay your attention that everybody can buy Modafinil in Canada. And you will have no problems. The complicated system of the logistics is explained by the increased control on the customs but this control can be avoided.

This way, you can buy Modafinil without prescription at a cost of $1-2 per pills at Modafinil. Even if you are going to take the drug on a regular basis, the month portion will cost you $90 with shipping. Even if you persuade your doctor to give you a prescription for Modafinil in Canada, the month portion will cost at least $1 000.


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