modafinil effects

Mass media lately actively highlight a Modafinil drug. There are hundreds of amazing stories about Modafinil in the written and internet publications. This drug has become a leader among all “smart” pills.

In order to understand a phenomenon of this ingredient, it is necessary to see into its action. Let’s try to figure out whether the smart pills exist and whether Modafinil effects may be used for the improvement of the brain productivity.

Why are smart pills very popular?

An idea of the unlimited possibilities has appeared upon the release of the popular movie Limitless with B. Cooper. This movie tells a story about a regular writer with a depressive nature and a bad motivation who becomes a genius.

smart-pillTaking just a pill per day, he writes interesting books in a week, quickly learns several languages, and regulates a stock market. This movie has induced a great interest among the youth because everyone wants to have such exclusive abilities.

Even though there are no such pills, people have discussed the abilities of Modafinil on the market. Many regard it as an analogue to the fictional NZT drug, and impute a lot of “magical” features to it.

Chronic fatigue of people in the modern megalopolises make them look for different options to increase the cognitive abilities. And Modafinil can really help with it.

Can Modafinil satisfy all requirements?

Modafinil appeared in 1970s. It was created to fight narcolepsy, and it was not represented as a drug for the improvement of the mental abilities. A need of the population in the increase of the cognitive functions was lower at that period.

This drug has been used for the treatment of the chronic fatigue, drowsiness, and ADHD within a long period. But in 2000, scientists conducted studies that approved the influence of Modafinil on the cognitive functions of the human brain. It was detected that the improvement of metabolism happened in the brain tissues, a production of neurotransmitters increasing the brain activity enhanced.

24 clinical studies were conducted, where people executed complicated everyday tasks after the use of the Modafinil pill. About 80% of test persons faster and easily solved the tasks. They were more attentive, motivated, focused on solving complicated tasks.

“Modafinil influences only on the higher cognitive functions: attention, learning, and motivation”.

It was indicated that it improved the logical thinking in a greater degree according to the previously obtained data. It works less well during a creative work but good results may be achieved as well. Scientists have detected that Modafinil is not able to satisfy all needs of the modern human but it helps to solve some tasks.

Modafinil Administration

Modafinil has not received a status of the cognitive enhancer yet. Scientists still examine it and try to prove 100% safety of this ingredient in the long run. But in spite of this, Modafinil is available at the gray market and actively used for the improvement of the cognitive functions.

Modafinil effects include many possibilities:

  • Increase of the attention concentration;
  • Improvement of the memory;
  • Inhibition of fatigue, drowsiness, and apathy;
  • A fast solution of the logical and mathematical problems;
  • Intensive increase of the motivation and a desire to act.

A human feels the maximal concentration after the use of the pill, and the brain activates knowledge and logical thinking to solve certain tasks.

It is not a surprise that 30% of all sales of Modafinil in the USA, Canada, and UK comes on students. They take pills during exams and laboratory researches. 50% of users of Modafinil are office workers: desk clerks, economic experts, administrators, traders, financial experts, bookkeepers, and lawyers. If you work with papers, numbers, or monotonous tasks, you are a potential user of Modafinil.

There are really many reviews from the office employees who are grateful for the smart pills. The pills help to defeat the chronic fatigue and be competitive in the conditions of the intensive rhythm of a big city. It is not a secret that the battle is to the strong.

If you are taking Modafinil, you are at the top.

Another 20% of Modafinil users are scientists, military men, doctors, and other workers. The pills are used not to enhance the cognitive functions. It is used for better concentration and an inhibition of the fatigue.

Is addiction possible?

Scientists and doctors share one view that Modafinil does not normally have side effects. A mental specialist in the California University, James McGough believes that the side effects of this ingredient are not stronger than effects after coffee consumption. Modafinil still affects the central nervous system, brain work, and a concentration of the neurotransmitters. May it go without side effects?

AddictionScientists explain that if the use of Modafinil is terminated, the side effects should not appear. The drug does not have a classical withdrawal syndrome because it does not induce euphoria and a severe agitation of the central nervous system. But if you experience Modafinil effects, you probably would not want to refuse from the drug.

You will not have a craving for pills, like for example, during the use of amphetamines. But you will try to be better. And this psychological need will demand the use of Modafinil pills. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find full information about people who take Modafinil. It is for sale at the gray market through the internet shops, and information from the users may be found on popular forums: Quora, Reddit, and others.

Having interrogated the users on these forums, we have made a conclusion that about 88% of people who have taken Modafinil say that they will try it again. This is how they explain their desire:

“I wrote my term paper, 30 A4 pages within 2 nights, and I got the highest rate. Due to this, I got a scholarship. When I started writing my paper, I wrote just 10 pages in 4 days. Moreover, when I took Modafinil and read what I wrote before, I had to delete it. It contained unrelated information. I think the pills helped me a lot”.

“I probably took Modafinil during the darkness of despair. The head of the company for the first year, a report before the board of management. I had to prepare the reports and remember numbers. Honestly, I got pissed. But a Modafinil pill saved me. I was not agitated but I got the internal strength. Due to this, my paper was highly estimated, and I got the award. I’m sure that I have achieved it due to Modafinil”.

75% of users say that they will not take Modafinil on a regular basis, just during an acute need. The rest 25% of users take Modafinil every day and even increase the effect by means of weed. But scientists do not recommend taking this ingredient everyday because it would be difficult to refuse from it, if you feel your superiority.

What side effects of Modafinil should you expect?

According to information about Modafinil, it would be weird to say that it does not have side effects. Indeed, these effects are lower compared to the direct competitors: Ritalin or Adderall. There are reports about people who have taken high doses of Modafinil on purpose and have not had any side effects.

side effects pill

But some reactions may wait for you, especially if you:

  • Suffer from a chronic allergy;
  • Have migraine;
  • Are subject to the mental disorders.

As Modafinil enhances a production of histamine, you should be aware of an allergic reaction. If you are an allergic person, you would hardly have a light allergy. Urticaria will occur. Do not be afraid of an allergic reaction. The most important is to be ready to it, and follow your state.

Many complain of headaches after the end of the Modafinil effect. Scientist still look for a cause of it. Now you should be cautious, especially if you have migraine attacks. These effects may aggravate after the use of Modafinil.

Any psychostimulating product affects the central nervous system. Therefore if you have an unstable mind or chronic diseases, the effects of Modafinil may cause an acute state. The clinical studies have not confirmed dangerous side effects. Therefore the drug is allowed people at the age of over 18.

We have found data of users who have had many side effects on the internet. But we have explored their comments and decided that it was related to low grade pills. There are many shops on the market that scam people and sell other stimulants posing as Modafinil. It is very dangerous and we recommend you to use only reliable sellers.

Our great experience suggests that if you want to buy Modafinil, it is better to do it in or afinil express. These shops give a good account of themselves within the past years. You may find other shops but make sure that they are safe and reliable.